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Bun Shoppe Eliquids

Bun Shoppe E-Liquids was founded in Los Angeles, California. Bun Shoppe Eliquids brings something unique to the vaping universe, flavored baked buns! Offering a variety of flavors to satisfy any vaper's palate. A freshly baked bun with a sweet, crisp, and crusty top, covering a moist and fluffy center that explodes with flavor.

Bun Shoppe Eliquid Flavor Profile Review

Apple Bun Ejuice

Apple Bun is the flavor of warm filled apple treat, a classic pastry dessert with hints of cinnamon.

Blueberry Bun Ejuice

Blueberry Bun Shoppe ejuice is the flavor of a pastry-filled sweet blueberry that will satisfy your pastry cravings.

Strawberry Bun Ejuice

Strawberry Bun Shoppe ejuice is made with a blend of sweet strawberries and a pastry dessert.

Melon Bun Ejuice

Melon Bun Shoppe ejuice is a pastry-filled honeydew melon flavor that brings pleasure to your taste buds.

Coffee Bun Vape Ejuice

Coffee Bun Shoppe ejuice flavor is a barista's dream, the rich buttery robust espresso flavor will enlighten your taste buds.

Choose between the pastry-filled Apple, Blueberry, Strawberry, Melon, and Coffee, or you can have them all with the bun shoppe variety pack!

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