SMOK Nord Review

SMOK Nord Review

SMOK Nord Review

SMOK LogoDivulging itself in every facet of the market, SMOK has become a staple brand for those seeking vaping hardware. Its design and development team is top notch, creating some of the industry’s most iconic products, and just when things seem as if they’re beginning to finally hit a dead end for the brand, they release yet another game changer. This time it’s in the form of a vapor pod system, which is certainly impressive inside and out. The SMOK Nord Kit is already gaining quite the attention due to its size, appearance, the features it offers, and the performance it’s able to deliver. While in this SMOK Nord Kit we are thrilled to share the ins and outs of this compact device, the question is, is it the right pod system for you. We hope to answer just that in this detailed review of the SMOK Nord Kit.

About The SMOK Nord Kit

SMOK Nord KitThe SMOK Nord Kit is an incredibly stunning device all the way around. It’s constructed of a zinc alloy and plastic or resin (resin edition) material. While the cobra-plated panels engulf the front and back of the device, a durably equipped zinc alloy frame creates a strong structure. The Nord Pod System stands just 94mm by 30mm by 18.8mm, making it compact and very portable for those who tend to be more mobile. The front of the device has a single button that acts as the firing mechanism, while the backside gives way to a micro-USB charging port. To closely monitor the battery level, there is also an LED light battery indicator positioned on the front side.

At the top of the device, there is the actual Nord Pod, which boasts a 3ML vape juice capacity and a refillable design. The coil within the pod is completely replaceable, allowing you to take advantage of a variety of coil options, including the 0.6-ohm Nord Mesh Coil that’s optimized for sub-ohm vaping, the 1.4-ohm Nord Regular Coil that’s best for mouth-to-lung vaping, and there’s even a 1.0-ohm Nord Ceramic Coil, for a sure and satisfying flavor experience. The SMOK Nord vape pod system is entirely air-driven, and there is no need for adjustments to receive the perfect vaping experience. Integrated inside the shell of the device, there is a 1100mAh Rechargeable Battery, which delivers a range of 10-15W by utilizing a direct voltage output, where the battery determines the current output. Internally, the SMOK Nord Kit comes packed with various features, such as the safety suite, which includes 8-second cut-off protection, short-circuit protection, and a low voltage warning.

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SMOK Nord Kit Review

Though we’ve shared everything we can about the SMOK Nord Kit, it’s merely a description of the product on paper. In this SMOK Nord Kit Review, we also want to share information about it off the paper, and in hand. Our review criteria will involve its appearance, the features it offers, and the performance that it was able to deliver.

SMOK NordAppearance: When it comes to the looks of the Nord Kit, there is nothing you would want to change or complain about. From the top of the device to the bottom, everything has been designed to perfection. The cobra-plated panels on the original Nord look incredible, while the resin edition delivers an even more of a dramatic appeal. The entire device flows flawlessly, from the smoothly curved edges to the duckbill mouthpiece, you’ll find yourself nothing short of impressed.

Features: Though there aren’t many features that have to be coupled into a pod system, the SMOK Nord Kit is one that is slammed with them. The pod offers a magnetic connection, it has a replacement coil design, and the coil options are outstanding. Other than its 3ML e-liquid capacity and the refillable design, you also enjoy features like its micro-USB charging system, a protection suite, and the single button operation makes actually using the device all that much easier. Take into account that it has a built-in 1100mAh rechargeable battery and an LED light battery indicator, and you can see why it’s considered to be one of the industry’s most popular vape pod systems.

Performance: There are thousands upon thousands of users enjoying the Nord Kit all around the world, and it’s easily one of the top-selling devices today. We’ve learned that its success is heavily reliant on the device’s performance, which is quite incredible. It has a 1100mAh battery and utilizes a direct voltage output, and what we’ve learned is that the battery has the capacity for all-day vaping, which will allow you to enjoy a good performance throughout the better part of the day. Between the battery and the pod, which has a few coils options to use, you’ll notice stellar vapor production, while the flavor output from these coils is top notch.


The SMOK Nord Kit is one of many of the brand’s success stories, and they’re only continuing to develop products that truly satisfy the user. The Nord Kit, in particular, has been one that’s capable of creating a very enjoyable vaping experience through and through. From the looks to its features to the performance, there is no short in the satisfaction you gain from each time you use it. Although there will be many that come after it, it’s quite apparent that the Nord Kit by SMOK will go down in vaping history as one of the best.