WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Innevape E-Liquids

Innevape E-Liquids is a vape juice brand brought to you by vapers, for vapers. Innevape delivers their loyal vape enthusiast bold flavors that are as unique as can be. Innevape has some of the smoothest vape juices on the market that sets them steps ahead of the competition. All of their vape juices are made with Kosher VG and PG and at a 70/30 ratio to provide the most delightful balance of flavor, cloud production, and a decent throat hit.

Innevape E-Liquid Vape Juice Flavor Review

Innevape Heisenberg

Innevape Heisenberg takes the taste of blue slushie and turns it into a vape juice that you can indulge on all day long. This vape juice has such an authentic blue slushie flavor that will you will become addicted in seconds. As you inhale Innevape Heisenberg, the taste of blue slushie will roll across your taste buds in the most succulent way possible. This vape juice will surely have your taste buds going crazy. As you exhale, the blue slushie flavor subsides slightly leaving you craving another puff.

Heisenberg Menthol

Innevape Heisenberg Menthol brings you the taste of a blue slushie atop of an icy menthol base. This vape juice has all of the flavor of your favorite blue slushie and the cooling effects of menthol. As you inhale Heisenberg Menthol, the taste of blue slushie will dance across your taste buds. As you exhale, the menthol base will cool and soothe your taste buds leaving them feeling rejuvenated.

Innevape TNT

Innevape TNT delivers the taste of blonde virginia tobacco with a hint of maple to provide you with a sweet and rich vape juice that you will fall in love with. This vape juice is sure to send your taste buds on a wild adventure. As you inhale Innevape TNT you will get the taste of blonde virginia tobacco that is as rich as can be. As you exhale, the taste of maple brings the entire flavor together to create a vape juice that will quickly become your next all day vape. 

Innevape TNT Menthol

Innevape TNT Menthol takes the taste of tobacco and combines it with a menthol base that will cool and give your taste buds the tobacco flavoring they crave. As you inhale Innevape TNT Menthol, the taste of rich virginia tobacco will drive your taste buds up a wall and kick your tobacco cravings like never before. As you exhale, the menthol base will take this vape juice to a whole new level and leave your taste buds as satisfied as can be.

Innevape brings you flavors that you will become completely addicted to. These vape juices are perfect for those of you who enjoy simple flavors that are so intense that they will rock your socks off. Innevape will deliver you flavors that will wow your taste buds like you've never experienced before.