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VaporLax Salts

Creating a fascinating collection of salt nicotine vape juice, Vaporlax has become the shining light for many vapers around the world. VaporLax Salts is its collection of salt nicotine, which comes in a variety of delicious tastes. Explore a fascinating classic Blue Razz flavor to Strawberry Cream dessert treat, eliminating any dull tastes you experienced prior. Each delicious flavor in this collection will provide extraordinary quality, the most superb tastes, and will ensure you've reached a solid level of satisfaction that you're happy with. If you're searching for a brand that can deliver everything you expect, there is no better brand to turn to than VaporLax Salts

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, VaporLax Salts is quickly becoming an industry staple. The brand was established in 2010 and has been dedicated to offering the most pleasing vapes for its users. VaporLax brand rests under the umbrella of SV3 LLC, the parent company of popular vape brands such as MiPod, Smoking Vapor, Xtra, SV, VaporLax, and more. It was founded by CEO Amir Hakak and is now one of the industry's largest and most reputable entities in the space. With extraordinary attention to detail, some of the finest quality vaping products, and the most fascinating collection of flavors, there isn't a better brand to turn to than VaporLax Salts.

VaporLax Salts Vape Juice Review

Peach Ice

Peach Ice is a freshening take on a succulent peach. This combination of flavors is refreshingly sweet. The peach will make your mouth water and the menthol takes it to the next level for a refreshing peach flavor! These two flavors are blended to make this a sure choice for your next vape.


Energy provides a Sweet and Sour fusion making it a delightfully delicious choice. The flavors make the name accurate this energizing blend will offer you a flavorful experience of sweet and tart taste perfectly complimented for your taste buds. With this unique blend, you are sure to add this to your vaping routine. 

Blueberry Ice

Blueberry Ice gives you the taste of sweet and fresh blueberries with the finishing taste of menthol. This pair of flavors is well blended sweet and chilled blueberries to offer you a refreshingly delicious combination.  This is a satisfying option for your vaping needs.

Crush Grape

Crush Grape shares a flavorful mix of grape, tropical guava, and lemon. Making this an eccentric but delicious option. The true grape flavor with the hints of guava and lemon turns into a vaping experience. You will be sure to enjoy this as your next all-day-vape flavor.

Strawberry Banana

Strawberry Banana tastes like fresh strawberries and creamy bananas. The sweet and creamy combination of this classic duo will surely appease your taste buds. This light flavor offers a perfect balance of ripe and rich fruits. This flavor will definitely fit right into your collection.

Icy Fruits

Icy Fruits is a delicious combination of a tart Lychee combined with a citrus mix. This duo of flavors is a rejuvenating option for the venturous vapor. The tropical taste of the lychee complemented with the sourness of the citrus creates a mouth-watering sensation. This phenomenal vape will leave you satisfied.  


Captain is a wildly unique flavor that will leave the avid custard connoisseur in awe. With the sweet and buttery combination and of course creaminess, you will not be disappointed. This perfected blend of whipped cream, and butter, with the classic crunch taste, will leave your mouth watering. Captain can and will easily become your next favorite custard. 

Hawaiian Mix

Hawaiian Mix is an exciting vape juice blend of Orange, Guava, and Passion fruit. This flavor will easily remind you of summer. This citrusy sweet flavor will have you craving more. This mixture will have you hooked and coming back to experience it all over again. 

Strawberry Cream

Strawberry Cream presents quite the flavorsome vape using the fresh taste of strawberries mixed with a creamy lightly iced burst of flavor. These two flavors complement each other fabulously and will indulge your taste buds. This is a solid choice for a strawberry ice cream flavor. 

Cool Mint

Cool Mint offers up an outstanding vape by blending together menthol and a hint of sweetness to compliment the cool. This product will provide you with a cool and smooth hit. If you like cooling sensation with a hint of sweet flavor this will be the choice for you. 

Banana Ice

Banana Ice is a brilliantly crafted mixture of a ripe banana with a burst of icy menthol that compliments the creaminess perfectly. You could never go wrong with the classic combo of banana ice. This is a great choice for your next vape. 

Rainbow Mix

Rainbow Mix will easily become your favorite as it infuses a mix of sour as well as rainbow candy. This combination will surely remind you of your favorite childhood candies. A sweet and sour taste that will satisfy your cravings from beginning to end. If you will definitely come back for more.

Blue Razz

Blue Razz is an all-time classic blend that plasters together a thrilling blend of blueberries and raspberries. With these two flavors, you could never go wrong. The blueberries offer a refreshing sweetness while the raspberries offer that tartness as a finish. Be sure to give this take on the popular blue razz flavor. 

Lush Ice

Lush is a classic favorite that everyone will enjoy, as it brings you a perfect blend of a ripe summer watermelon and the chilling effects of menthol. This take on lush ice will not disappoint. A perfect flavor for summertime vaping as it is refreshingly sweet. Pick this up to keep you cool and satisfied.

Tropical Punch

Tropical Punch is an exciting flavor concoction, boasting delicious tastes that bring together lemon, watermelon, and tropical guava. This tropical blend will indulge your palate in a flavorful blend of delicious fruits. If you make this your choice you will not be disappointed. 

Lemon Bar

Lemon Bar is one of our all-time favorites, presenting a satisfying taste that consists of zesty lemon, creamy custard, and meringue. Making this lemon bar flavor mouth-watering with every inhale. This is a delicious custard that has tart lemon to complement it perfectly. This lip-puckering combination will easily become a favorite.

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