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Sub Ohm Batteries

Without a doubt, vape batteries are the most prominent part of any setup, whether that be an entry-level device to the industry’s most advanced powerhouse that’s loaded with technology, it ultimately comes down to the battery to be the very component to power everything.

While many overlook it, especially if it’s integrated into the device, people oftentimes just expect their device to perform exceptionally well and continue to function properly, not taking into account that the battery is its lifeline. In addition to consistently recharging our batteries for healthy battery life and to maintain optimal performance, batteries have a limited lifespan and must be replaced. Noticing slight symptoms will give you the indication that your batteries need to be replaced. For instance, when the battery isn’t able to charge completely, when the battery isn’t capable of holding a charge, and when you notice the performance begin to deteriorate while using your device. Keeping a close eye on your batteries is a must when using them with devices, as these batteries are placed under stressful circumstances where their full capacity and maximum performance are required.

Another common occurrence that indicates you need to replace your vape batteries is when they’re dropped, damaged, or come in contact with other metal objects. Your safety should remain a top priority when using a vaporizer, and even the slightest dent or scratch on its casing can result in enough damage to the structure for it to put your safety in jeopardy. A good way to damage a battery is to carry or store loose batteries in your pocket or handbag. When batteries aren’t properly stored, oftentimes they’ll come in contact with metal objects, causing them to leak or rupture. If you notice that your batteries have come in contact with a metal object or they tend to get warm even when not in use, remove the batteries from your device and dispose of them properly to avoid personal injury.

When looking to replace your batteries, you’ve come to just the right spot. We provide a wide range of batteries, from the industry’s most popular brands to ones that feature a decked-out spec sheet, we have everything far and between. Our selection of batteries has been specifically chosen to accompany even the most advanced devices and are more than capable of enduring the toughest conditions. Scroll through our collection of authentic batteries, including LG, IMREN, Samsung, LG, Sigelei, and more.

We stock a hefty selection of sub-ohm battery sizes as well to perfectly match your device. From 18650 to 26650 batteries, we give no room to avoid replacement. Breathe new life into your vaping device by replacing the battery. You could gain a new love for vaping all over again as you experience better performance, longer battery life, and peace of mind knowing that you and those around you aren't in any danger. If you're looking for a selection of batteries for your existing mod or vape pod or if you need a new battery for a device you plan to buy, feel free to browse our hefty selection of vape batteries.

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