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Superb E-liquid

Previously known as Royal Bishop, Superb has a special e-liquid line up dedicated to only bring you one of the best hand-crafted vape juice on the market. With using only the highest quality ingredients, Superb constantly crafts recipes that are on point to their flavor description. Every flavor is meticulously brewed in small batches to ensure perfect quality that Superb is known for. Of course, every vape juice is made in a lab but Superb takes things one step further by pre-steeping their juice before release to make sure it's completely ready to be vaped when it reaches the vapers hand!

Using 70% VG and 30% PG this liquid is the perfect consistency to be dripped or in a sub ohm tank without compromising flavor! Superb arrives in a 60ml bottle and offers 3 nicotine levels that will appease to all consumers. 

Superb E-Liquid Flavor Review

Strawberry M by Superb 60ml

Strawberry M by Royal Bishop e-liquids 60ml is the perfect fusion of strawberries and an ice cold glass of milk, fit for any day of the week! As you inhale, the fresh strawberries mixed with the cold milky flavor will be something that you can't wrap your mind around! This intoxicating glass of strawberry milk is sure to please with its sweet and arousing flavor.

Applemelon X by Superb 60ml

Applemelon X by Royal Bishop E-liquids 60ml is the icy version of the famous Applemelon flavor, this vape juice brings you flavors of a crisp Fuji apple with a balanced watermelon undertone. This flavor is one of the best fruity menthol flavors available! This vape juice has that fruit salad taste that makes this e-juice the perfect summers treat, and to top it off that chilling menthol will cool you down on those warm days.

Blue Pixels by Superb 60ml

Blue Pixels by Royal Bishop E-liquids 60ml is the ultimate e-liquid to bring you back to the days where Pixy sticks were one of the most popular candy! This flavor is the same experience of a blue raspberry Pixy stick without the sugar rush. You may not feel that blitz of sugar-packed energy but your sweet tooth cravings will be pleased from the first puff. Go back to your childhood with this nostalgic blend.

Lychee Iced by Superb 60ml

Lychee Iced by Royal Bishop E-liquids is a unique flavor consisting of a delicious Lychee Jelly complemented by the perfect cooling effect to make this flavor extremely refreshing! This lychee flavor is genuine in taste and will smother your taste buds with its juicy flavor with each inhales. On the exhale that icy menthol base will fuse with an intensified lychee flavor to bring you the utmost flavor possible. 

Lychee Jelly by Superb 60ml

Lychee Jelly by Royal Bishop E-liquids 60ml is the original Lychee Jelly flavor with all the same notes that you love about the real thing, this lychee jelly is sweet and full flavored, easy to vape on all day! If menthol isn't your thing but you still crave that exotic fruity flavor Lychee Jelly will be perfect for you!

NectarBerry X by Superb 60ml

NectarBerry X by Royal Bishop ELiquids 60ml is a perfect recipe of peaches, nectarines, and strawberries with a hint of an icy chill flavor creating a flavor that is extremely balanced allowing notes from each flavor in shine through with every hit. On the inhale that juicy peach flavor will concur your taste buds with its intense flavor. Hints of nectarines and strawberry notes will move across your taste buds and intoxicate them with their boozy flavor. On the exhale an icy cooling menthol is sure to seal the deal for this fruity fusion. 

NectarBerry by Royal Bishop is a balanced fusion of delectable fruits that will please from the first drop to the last. This combination of peaches, nectarines, and strawberries just cannot be beaten! You could say Superb E-liquids have done a superb job on this flavor-packed vape juice! On the inhale a ripe peach flavor will rush into your pallet and smother your tongue. Light nectarine notes will dance across your taste buds. Joining this flavor dance is that succulent strawberry flavor you've been craving. On the exhale these boozy flavors will increase and provide a juicy fruity ending.

Superb X Jaybo Platinum Collection Review

White Peach by Superb X Jaybo Platinum Collection 60ml

White Peach taste like everything you could imagine and then some more. With these bold flavors that will sucker punch your taste buds, White Peach by Superb has taken the world by storm. As you inhale and exhale the delectable flavor of freshly picked peaches will consume your taste buds and make you go crazy. Prepare yourself because once you try this juice you'll never be able to put it down. The refreshing peach flavor will send your thirst packing. This refreshing blend will leave you begging for more after just one puff. Seriously this e-juice is one for the books! 

White Grape by Superb X Jaybo Platinum Collection 60ml

The juicy grape flavor of this e-juice is something truly phenomenal. These grapes have been freshly picked to provide the utmost flavor possible. This fresh taste has that authentic white grape flavor other brands have missed before. All our taste buds can agree on one thing about this e-juice, that it simply will be one of the best flavors you will ever experience. The difference between a simple grape flavor and a succulent white grape flavor is that the "white grape" is made from green-skinned grapes. If you are the person who prefers those juicy green grapes rather than red or black, this e-juice is was made just for you!

White Currant by Superb X Jaybo Platinum Collection 60ml

White Currant by Superb might consist of a flavor you've never heard of before, but will be pleased that you did. White currants are the albino version of their popular red and black variants. They provide a sweeter taste with a tart undertone. White currants have been compared to tasting like a combination of sour cherries, kiwi, and muscat grapes. On the inhale that sugary fruity flavor will smother your taste buds with its intoxicating flavor. Lightly tangy notes will provide a perfect balance of sweet and sour. On the exhale this sugary flavor will leave your sweet tooth pleased with its exotic taste.

No matter your fruity preference, Superb E-liquids is sure to provide that exact flavor you've been seeking. Since day one they have taken the industry by storm, and now with their extension of flavors, people are losing their minds! So many flavors to choose from and with them all each being equally savory, how is anyone expected to choose? Well with our discounted prices, you can indulge in all of the Superb E-liquids collection without breaking the bank! Don't miss out on your next favorite all-day vape juice.

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