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Strange Fruit Liquids

Strange Fruit is a juice company based out of Las Vegas Nevada most known for its nostalgic dessert and candy flavors, Puff Vapors Las Vegas created Circus E-Liquids, Puff Vapors Las Vegas crafts some of the best vape juice that will remind you of your inner childhood.

Strange Fruit will have some time for you to remind you of your favorite pastime sweets. Whether it is Fried Eye Scream, a decadent fried ice cream flavor, Frooty Booty, a refreshing melted snow cone, Spoiled Milk, a unique blend of key lime pie and vanilla ice cream, or Rotten Candy strawberry licorice topped with grape soda!

Strange Fruit comes in 100ml Gorilla Bottles and available in the nicotine strengths 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg!

Strange Fruit Vape Juice Flavor Review

Fried Eye Scream

Fried Eye Scream by Strange Fruit will also have your taste buds screaming with pleasure. This dessert flavor fuses a fruity pebble cereal with vanilla bean ice cream making it the perfect breakfast treat. You can indulge in this treat all day long with no added guilt. On the inhale that authentic fruity pebble taste will provide an exhilarating flavor. This blast of fruits is truly genuine to your favorite morning bowl of cereal. To add to this exotic flavor is an ice cream vape juice flavor on the exhale. This implements a creamy milky taste to complete this sweet cereal. 

Frooty Booty

Frooty Booty by Strange Fruit is a nostalgic flavor that will take you back to the carnival. This snow cone flavor provides a refreshing and fierce flavor from the first drop to the last. Though this snow cone flavor might be melted into a 100ml bottle you will be pleased with that orange, cherry, and succulent strawberry e-liquid flavor. On the inhale, juicy orange syrup flavor will please your sweet tooth. This rich flavor is complemented by a thick cherry rush that will smother your tongue. On the exhale a refreshing blast of strawberries will make a stimulating flavor ending.

Rotten Candy

Rotten Candy by Strange Fruit is a soda-based fusion of strawberry candy and bubble grape soda. With this e-juice, you get the best of both worlds! You will receive an intense candy base with a mixture of succulent strawberries on the inhale. Your taste buds and sweet tooth will leave you begging for more and finally those cravings will be kicked. This savory blend isn't over yet though, on the exhale a refreshing blast of a genuine grape soda taste will provide a perfect bubbly ending.

Spoiled Milk

Spoiled Milk by Strange fruit is not actually spoiled we promise! But it is a tart milkshake flavor that will leave your tangy side feeling complete. This boozy blend integrates an authentic tart key lime flavor with a milky ice cream base to make the perfect milkshake flavor. On the inhale that tart key lime pie will intoxicate your taste buds. This intense flavor is washed down with that rich silky ice cream base. Dessert lovers will not want to miss out on this! 

Save on the strangest fruit flavors you will ever find! These intoxicating blends are more than delicious. Don't settle for those basic flavors and basic brands, indulge in Strange Fruit 100ml today!

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