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Smoothy Man Ejuice

Smoothy Man ejuice is based out of Los Angeles, California, Smoothy Man uses the finest ingredients and delivers flavorful vape juice and good vapor production, Smoothy Man is a great balance of sweet and creamy fruit ejuice, available in a 60ml glass bottle and 120ml glass bottle. Cool off with the sweet exotic vape flavors of the genius blend by Art of Eliquids Smoothy Man Ejuice. There are eight different flavors available, bound to meet the need of any taste buds.

Smoothy Man Vape Juice Review

Smoothy Man Strawberry Banana

Smoothy Man ejuice Strawberry Banana 120ml is a fruity explosion of sweet ripe strawberries blended with rich bananas giving you the best classic tasting smoothie flavor vape that you know and love. Cool off with the exhilarating vape of a juice shop favorite of a strawberry banana smoothie from the inhale to the exhale. Smoothy Man Strawberry Banana vape juice is a great balance of smoothy and cream.

Smoothy Man Watermelon Kiwi

Fruity tropical blend of juicy watermelon infused with sweet tangy kiwi juice creating the ultimate smoothy experience that will leave you craving more. Ripe sweet watermelon and tangy kiwis provide you with a tropical flavor that will elevate your taste buds. Watermelon Kiwi e juice by Smoothy Man ejuice is blended to perfection by Art of Eliquids. Relax and enjoy the tangy vape flavor of watermelon kiwi e juice.

Smoothy Man Pineapple Mango

Smoothy Man Pineapple Mango e juice is the mouthwatering flavor of exotic pineapples and mango. The candy pineapple mango ejuice by Smoothy Man is a rich sweet pineapple flavor on the inhale and smooth mango on the exhale. With every inhale of Pineapple Mango e juice, tangy pineapple drips onto the tongue, the crisp notes of fresh pineapple. On the exhale, the sweetness of a ripe mango takes control, leaving you to feel satisfied. You don't want to miss out on this one!

Smoothy Man Watermelon Strawberry

Smoothy Man Watermelon Strawberry ejuice is the delicious sweet blend of sweet strawberries complemented by a mellow juicy watermelon. On the inhale Smoothy Man Watermelon Strawberry vape juice, is a blast of tangy strawberry, making your mouth tingle. On the exhale, a refreshing watermelon taste will cool you down leaving your taste buds refreshed.

Experience the flavor of paradise, Smoothy Man e juice is a great addition to your vape juice collection.

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