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The Schwartz E-Liquid

If you are looking for premium vape juice crafted from the finest master vaping brewers around (the same group who supplies Naked 100), you will appreciate the attention to detail that the connoisseurs at The Schwartz take as they pay homage to the delicate details in representing some very unique flavors. Our selection of The Schwartz vape juice flavors from The Schwartz include the following culinary delight combinations.

The Schwartz Vape Juice Review

Comb The Desert

Invite your sense to indulge in the satisfying flavors of chopped roasted hazelnuts, peanut butter with a smooth chilled yogurt finished with Comb the Desert by The Schwartz e-liquid master blenders. You certainly will not have to roam the desert to discover this one of a kind vaping experience.

Ludicrous Speed

One of the newest innovations by The Schwartz e-liquid crew, Ludicrous Speed is loaded with flavors of sweet honey freshly recovered from the comb right under the queen’s distinctive nose. Upon exhalation, enjoy a unique creamy Greek yogurt exhale.

The Downside

There is no downside when you choose the premium flavored e-juice by The Schwartz E-Liquid masters. The Schwartz Downside is a delicious blend of ripe blueberries with the optimal exhale filled with creamy Greek yogurt on the exhale will please if not overwhelm your tastebuds with the ultimate sweet treat.

The Upside

There is always an upside when you bring forth the culmination of creamy delicious yogurt flavored with freshly picked strawberries combined with sultry and smooth hand whipped vanilla sweetened cream. A delight for the taste buds and the senses any time of day, which makes this a perfect option for daily vaping smokers.

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