WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Whether you’re new to vaping or an experienced user of vapor products, you may have noticed that your local stores have been flooded with compact, closed pod systems. PHIX by MLV (Major League Vapers) may be just one of the many choices, but in what seems like a very short time has made a name for itself, and has stood out from the pack!

The super compact, simple, vaping solution has been able to reach the mainstream in record ways, some closed pod systems are available in every gas station and corner store in the country. Some people see them as an entrance into the world of vaping, while others never feel the need to look for anything else. No bells, no whistles, and no need for an instruction book, they are the simplest class of vapor devices in the world; just put it in your mouth and puff away. As one of the most similar things to emulating a cigarette on the market, they make up more than 70% of the vapor space. When it comes to the PHIX system, however, there are a couple of reasons that its better than the competition. We don’t just feature collection pages for every manufacturer and the fact that we have them here speaks volumes.

What gives PHIX its edge in the arena? It was made for vapers, by vapers. What we know as Major League Vapers is actually an offshoot of a California E-Liquid Company (born in Los Angeles in 2010), officially founded in 2014 as Brewell Manufacturing. Their “overnight” success story was actually the culmination of several years of hard work, a bunch of great friendships turned into a single world-changing vision. They have never classed themselves as juice manufacturers, in their minds, they are nothing more than artists and the palette they are painting on just happens to be your taste buds.

As creators, their mission is to deliver “a product that isunrivaled in the marketplace, with unmatched quality and flavor, and to obtain and maintainthe highest level of industry standards”. They are not in business to sacrifice quality for the sake of more money. They would rather ensure that they deliver an amazing product every time and let the product sell itself. As far as manufacturers go, Brewell MFG appears to be the kind of company that would rather go broke than risk disappointing its ever-growing fan base.

The PHIX isn’t just another closed vapor system – most of the offerings you see on the main street are Tobacco companies attempts to stay relevant in a world that hates them – it’s an award-winning system that was embraced for its ability to mesh the world of premium e-liquid and the convenience of a super small device. The reason that closed systems make up for so much of the market is simple; most current smokers don’t want the hassle of filling up tanks and learning how to use what may seem like a complicated device. Not many companies from inside the industry saw the potential of the grab and go vapor systems early on, Brewell not only saw it but quickly delivered what is arguably the greatest little set-up on the market today.

Don’t let the outward appearance of the PHIX fool you. It may look like a simple piece of equipment but under the hood is some killer hardware. While other systems may charge entirely via USB, The PHIX utilizes a magnetic charging port. This may not sound like a huge deal, but when you consider that most of the competition goes in the trash due to broken charging ports, it’s huge. While lesser folks may be happy to sell you another one next week, the PHIX is designed to prevent unnecessary accidents. When it comes to magnetism, the pods are also literally attracted to the mod. Rather than utilizing a click and go system on the pod that has the chance of breaking, magnets tend to take a while to fail. With a 280mAh battery, the PHIX will last for approximately 220 puffs.

Add to this the amazing variety of premium e-liquid flavors that are available in the pods, and it's easy to see why we decided that we needed to give you this collection. With options ranging from not so basic Tobaccos, all the way through to one of the finest Blue Raspberries on the market, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand why this is the best-closed pod by far. A ceramic coil ensures that the flavor you taste is the same one they intended, not some mashed up version that makes you heave. For a tiny device, the 1.5 Ω coil really produces an amazing amount of vapor and is probably the least likely thing on the market to leak. The 5% nicotine content is guaranteed to quell the cravings of almost everyone and at no point does it ever feel overpowering.

The PHIX system is inexpensive, to begin with, and we here at West Coast Vape Supply are excited to have this collection for you to choose from. The design is simplistic yet elegant, the choices of color are subtle and understated. The pods come in various flavors with a little something for every palette. If you don’t know which ones you want, the variety packs are available to help you find your perfect pairing, or there are multi-packs of a single flavor for those who know exactly what they want. The PHIX system wasn’t voted “The Best Closed System Device of 2018” at the IECIE Shenzhen E-Cig Expo because it looked pretty, it got the accolade because it was all the things the competition hoped they could one day be. At West Coast Vape Supply, our goal is to always bring our customers the best deals on the greatest vaping products and the PHIX By MLV is a product we are honored to bring you. Take a look at the products on offer, figure out which flavor is going to get your taste buds jumping for joy and join us on an epic journey as the PHIX is in.