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Marina Vape

Founded in Marina del Rey, Los Angeles, California in the summer of 2013, Marina Vape has become known for fine quality premium eliquid. Marina Vape started out as a DIY operation for the same reason as many other ejuice companies. because there just weren't enough existing flavors the founders truly enjoyed. Featuring product names that honor friends, employees, pets, and favorite songs, Marina Vape has rapidly become one of the most popular vape juice brands available today in the vaping industry.

Marina Vape Vape Juice Collection Includes

Alpha Vape, Omega Vape, Nick's Blissful Brews, Creme De La Creme, OGNL Boba, Cloud Stout, Versus Vape, Donuts E-Juice, Boyd's Bounty, Vapester E-Juice, That Thai Tea Tho, Treats E-Juice, Marshmallow Man and Honey Bear.

Marina Vape Best Sellers

Choco Donuts Ejuice by Marina Vape

Choco Donuts Ejuice by Marina tastes just like a chocolate-flavored donut that’s covered in chocolate icing. The chocolate doughnut inspired dessert flavor fresh out of the fryer that’s dripping warm with scrumptious icing will make you feel as if you are at a doughnut shop biting into a warm fresh doughnut will fulfill your dessert fantasy.

Glazed Kronuts Ejuice by Marina Vape

Glazed Kronuts by Marina Vape is a buttery pastry with a sugary glaze and a touch of chilled creamy milk. Your taste buds will be filled with pleasure on each inhale of this scrumptious doughnut dessert inspired vape juice.

The mouth watering aroma of a fresh croissant will make your pastry dreams come true. As that buttery taste indulges your tongue your taste buds will taken to heaven. The creamy milk really seals the deal.

Treats Ejuice by Marina Vape

Treats by Marina Vape is the enticing dessert flavor vape juice, a creamy dollop of vanilla bean ice cream sandwiched between two fruity pebble rice crispy slabs in a large 120ml bottle. If it wasn't so smooth you'd think you were munching on one of these Treats.

Honey Bear

Honey Bear by Marina Vape is satisfying rich taste of honey graham cracker cookies, soaked in a cold creamy glass of milk. Take yourself back to the playground, snacking on this crispy honey graham cookie treat with Honey Bear vape juice. On the inhale Honey Beard vape juice by Marina Vape delivers a smooth honey cookie with a creamy milk finish. On the exhale, sugar honey combined with fresh creamy milk is like a present for your sweet tooth.

Marshmallow Man

Sweet, Fluffy, Creamy. Straight from the bottle's wrapping and couldn't be said better. This mouth-watering delight is every sweet-tooth's favorite. On the inhale Marshmallow Man sweet flavor will delight you with its sugary goodness. On the exhale, the delivery of smooth, creamy, and sweet splendor provides a flavor combination that hits every spot on the palate. If you desire sweet ejuice flavors, give Marshmallow Man ejuice a try.

Milkshake Man

Milkshake Man by Marina Vape is a creamy milkshake flavor that's a good choice for all-day-vaping. The inhale consist of creamy strawberries. The exhale brings the milky ice cream aspect of the flavor to the pallet paired with a double dose of fresh strawberries.


Marina Vape's Donuts is by far there best selling vape juice, matter fact the legendary Donuts flavor was one of there very first ejuice released, the buttery and sweet donut flavors have ultimately become one of vapers favorite. Marina Vape has mastered everything from marshmallow vape juice to creamy desserts flavors. Available in 60ml and 120ml bottles.Part of the secret behind the success of Marina Vape brand is the team behind each vape juice flavor has a strong culinary background. As a result, each vape juice has layers of delicious flavor that keep vape enthusiasts coming back for more. Try Marina Vape mouth-watering recipes today, you won't regret it.

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