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M. Terk Eliquid Review

Calling in all butterscotch lovers that are wishing for the best butterscotch flavor they can find. M. Terk is where it’s at and they hold a lot more than just butterscotch. What this company is all about is finding the best flavors that go perfectly with our favorite tacky snack. So imagine fruit with butterscotch or even butterscotch drenched in corn flakes?

M.Terk will bring you into a whole other world that you couldn’t have possibly known it existed. Whoever knew butterscotch could be such a big deal. Well that’s easy, M. Terk did. And they took it to a new level that’ll just set off all your taste buds into a crazed haze.

These few flavors are sure to bring happiness into your mood and your sugar tooth. Sometimes it’s hard to stay peaceful when you’re deeply wishing for something sweet without having the risk of cavities. With one press of a button M. Terk’s line will not disappoint a single soul.

M. Terk Eliquid Vape Juice Review

M. Terk Terkish Blend

The perfect blend of sugary and creamy together liquefied for you to enjoy this tasty treat as much as you’d like. A soft cloud of vapor will leave a silky layer over your tongue carrying drop of lip smacking flavor. On the inhale it's caramel and butterscotch mix will immediately smack against your taste buds along with the creamy sense of sugared vanilla, crushing any cravings in a matter of seconds. 

M. Terk Terkish Harvest

Caramelized apple dipped into a pot of melted butterscotch. On the inhale it’s the lovely taste of crisp apples bathing a flood of flavor running over your tongue. As you exhale the smooth notes of caramelized butterscotch will hug onto those taste buds squeezing every drop of flavor it can give while introducing you the perfect feel of biting right into a butterscotch apple. 

M. Terk Terkish Kake

The best dessert to have right after dinner is a nice fluffy lemon cake with it’s cutting edge buttery taste along with those light tones of lemon all in one bite. So just imagine having a drizzle of butterscotch added to that already amazing combination. Instead of eating a lemon cake you’ll get that same experience with the flow of a silky cloud hovering over your tongue on the inhale. The stream of savory butterscotch will flow right through the lemon cake on the exhale smacking that midnight craving out of the way.

M. Terk Terkish Maize

Think of a butterscotch corn flakes, this vape juice mimics that same exact flavor with one light inhale. On the inhale the smooth tones of corn flakes will smother your taste buds giving you a visual of the first crunch when snacking on these bad boys. That silky and sugar notes of the corn flakes will enhance as the sweetened tones of butterscotch exits on the exhale dazzling those taste buds making them want to jump right out your mouth for more.


M.Terk’s mixers need a moment of praise, these juices are hands down the BEST butterscotch flavor infused juices out there. I would’ve never thought I loved butterscotch so much on many levels but this selection of vape juice has got me hooked.
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