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Bubble Gang

Leading the charge forward for the premium ejuice market for years, the OKVMI brand hasn’t quite gained the spotlight it has deserved as a parent company, but its umbrella of brands certainly has. Very few people have known that the OKVMI brand was founded in 2013, and has become one of the largest vapor products brands in Las Vegas, Nevada. It isn’t just your run-of-the-mill vape company though. No, it’s much more than that. In fact, the OKVMI brand is a lifestyle brand, a boutique graphic design agency, and happens to be one of the industry’s largest players in premium vape juice.

The OKVMI brand is home to the Legacy Vape Juice Series, OKVMI Salt, Rocket Punch, OMNI Disposable Vapes, and the industry’s favorite, Bubble Gang Vape Juice. Without a doubt, Bubble Gang vape juice has definitely made its presence known on the market. It has gained a cult-like following, enticing bubblegum enthusiasts from all over. What sets the Bubble Gang brand apart from others is that it has focused its brand heavily on creating ejuice that resembles the delicious, sugary, gummy taste of bubblegum that everyone can’t seem to get enough of.

While each bubblegum flavor in its arsenal is thoroughly tested to ensure the highest quality and outstanding consistency, the artistic mixology skills that go into creating the complexity of every vape juice flavor are worth the attention. It is truly hard to recreate the taste of bubblegum, yet Bubble Gang has managed to develop a collection of bubblegum flavor that has been infused with tasty fruits, like grape, blueberry, and more. The Bubble Gang collection consists of four perfected juicy bubblegum flavors. These expertly crafted vape juice flavors consist of sweet and tart gum that features a specific fruit to mimic the classic taste of gum you would find at a convenience store. From Grape Ape to Blue Dream to Sour Menace to the classic OG Bubba, there is truly a flavor for every taste in this arsenal of bubblegum flavors.

Bubble Gang Vape Juice is available in 100ml chubby gorilla bottles, which were designed to easily allow you to fill your tanks without effort or fussy spillage. They also feature a 70/30 VG/PG ratio to create the perfect balance of flavor and vapor. With nicotine strength options of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg, you will have no trouble finding ultimate satisfaction in every puff.

Bubble Gang Vape Juice Flavor Review

Bubble Gang Grape Ape

Hard to recreate, yet easy for Bubble Gang to deliver, this fascinating bubblegum flavor is sure to please your tastes. It consists of a delicious grape flavor combined with the classic taste of bubblegum. You will find that with every puff, you experience the perfect balance of the two. The inhale provides juicy sugary crystals of bubblegum, while the exhale is all of the grape flavor coating your tongue. This is one unforgettable vape that you have to taste to believe.

Bubble Gang OG Bubba

If you are a bubblegum enthusiast, you are going to love this classic bubblegum flavor that we’re certain everyone has experienced at one time or another. OG Bubba by Bubble Gang is a mouthwatering flavor that consists of juicy watermelon and the classic taste of bubblegum. The traditional bubblegum flavor is one that is sure to set you back in time where all you had to do was blow big sticky bubbles of fun.

Bubble Gang Sour Menace

Presenting tasty sour notes, Bubble Gang Sour Menace is an ejuice flavor that will set you back in a time of your childhood. This deliciously crafted vape juice delivers the classic taste of sour green apple bubble gum. It delivers a surprising taste of sweet and sour, just enough to awaken the taste buds and ready them from another puff.

Bubble Gang Blu Dream

The Bubble Gang Blu Dream vape juice flavor is one you are sure to enjoy. It offers the perfect balance of both bubblegum and blue raspberries. The flavor is constructed in a very complex manner, yet delivers a simplified taste to mimic what it’s like to chew on blue raspberry flavored bubblegum. From the very first inhale, you immediately taste wisp notes of bubblegum as delicious raspberries coat the tongue on the exhale.

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