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13th Floor Elevapors Vape Juice

Presenting a solid collection of flavors, there is nothing more satisfying than to experience 13th Floor Elevapors. It is a magical series of tastes, all sporting the most perfectly crafted blends. If you are looking to gain a new favorite vape, we urge you to consider some of the best vapes on the market.

13th Floor Elevapors produces high-quality vape juice for an evolution to a cigarette-free lifestyle. They embrace creative freedom and all other forms of expression within the vape lifestyle. 13th Floor Elevapors holds all its products to the highest standards to embody this philosophy. The brand has 3 different lines of flavors, their original 60ml, their 100ml line, and their 30ml Salt Nic collection. They have a PG/VG ratio of 70/30 to provide a solid throat hit with intense flavor but still a thick cloud of vapor with each puff. 

13th Floor Elevapors 60ml e-juice line is available in 0mg,3mg, 6mg, and 12mg and consists of 6 different savory flavors for all to enjoy. Their flavors range from fruity to dessert and even breakfast flavors. This variety reaches out to any consumer so you are sure to find the flavor you've been seeking for. Their 100ml collection is available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg, and has 2 different but savory options for you to indulge in. Their Salt Nic line is available in 30mg and 50mg. 13th Floor Elevapors have perfected 3 unique e-liquids that will make your taste buds crave more. These flavors consist of sour candy to savory dessert vape juice. 

13th Floor Elevapors Original Flavors Review - 60ml


A sensational blend of tart mixed berries evened out with juicy Granny Smith apples with a drizzle of champagne. This savory combination is perfect for an all-day vape, this flavor profile won't leave you flavor blind. 13th Floor Elevapors have provided a perfect balance within this flavor. This balance between savory apples and champagne with those tangy mixed berries can be hard to achieve. 13th Floor Elevapors have truly done a phenomenal job with producing this perfected balance and are truly like no other. The inhale is a rush of a variety of berries mixed with sweet apples. On the exhale is a refreshing glass of champagne. This sophisticated exhale provides a perfected wash down to that intense juicy apple flavor leaving your taste buds wanting more. This blend of tart and sweet is sure to please with its intense flavor experience. From the first drop to the last you won't regret Bermuda by 13th Floor Elevapors. 


A sweet strawberry shortcake with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream is sure to please all those dessert vape juice fanatics. Celador is your sweet tooth's dream without that added quilt. This intense authentic strawberry flavor is sweetened by a creamy scoop of ice cream on the exhale. Succulent strawberries will smother your tongue and delight your taste buds with each puff. Your mouth will be flooded with this intense and savory flavor. Perfectly complementing this sweet strawberry cake flavor is that smooth and creamy custard flavor. This custard flavor mimics that savory vanilla bean ice cream you've been hoarding in your freezer. Well, there is no more need for the hoarding with Celador by 13th Floor Elevapors. Indulge in your favorite treat all day long with no added calories or guilt. 


Creamy vanilla milk blended with sticky caramel to remind you of your favorite coffee. Django has an added hint of subtle tobacco on the exhale for taste. This coffee e-juice flavor is matured with that Kentucky flue-cured tobacco making this e-liquid perfect for all those tobacco lovers. Quitting cigarettes can be a difficult transition when that authentic tobacco flavor is what you are seeking. Django by 13th Floor Elevapors has made this transition easier for anyone looking to switch to vaping. This savory tobacco blend is sure to please with its combination of rich Kentucky flue-cured tobacco that is truly authentic in taste. Flue curing is a process where the tobacco leaves are hung up in a barn and heated without any smoke, during this process additional heat is added as the process continues. Flue curing makes the tobacco leaves high in sugar, giving it a sweeter taste and producing higher nicotine levels as well. This sweet tobacco blended with silky milk is truly satisfying. Not only does this e-juice take a savory blend of sweet and creamy, but an added taste of that sticky caramel also gives this e-juice a mature coffee taste. On the inhale this milky caramel coffee flavor will dance along your taste buds delighting them with each puff. On the exhale the sweet Kentucky tobacco flavor provides a perfect exhale and gives this e-juice a savory twist. 


A blueberry muffin and a vanilla milkshake had an e-juice baby and Levitation was born. This creamy e-liquid has been smothered in fresh tart blueberries and has been blended to perfection in a silky milkshake that will kick your sweet tooth cravings all day long. On the inhale is a rush of those fresh blueberries that will make your taste buds jump with joy. Your sweet tooth will be delighted as the silky milkshake base smothers your tongue with its rich and intense flavor. This combination is authentic and savory and sure to please with each puff. From the first drop to the last Levitation by 13th Floor Elevapors will provide you with an intense dessert flavor experience. 


Soleil will bring you back to your favorite childhood frosted circus cookie. This e-liquid is a sweet and crunchy treat that is sure to please your sweet tooth all day long. Kick those cravings all day long with this sweet and savory treat that your taste buds will take you for. From the first puff to the last your mouth will be overwhelmed with its intense flavor experience. Soleil is an authentic reincarnation that will bring you back to elementary school lunchtime, where you are just hoping that your favorite treat was packed in your lunch pail that day. Now the time has come to bring back this childhood cookie for the perfect all-day vape. These frosted circus cookies are back and now better than ever as they have no added guilt so you can indulge in them all day long. On the inhale your taste buds will be sweetened to their core with each puff. 


A flavor-packed bowl of berry cereal with silky milk to wash it all down on the exhale. Spectre doesn't just stop there, your favorite bowl of berry cereal also has marshmallows to seal the deal. Tart berries and sweet marshmallows are just the perfect morning cereal combination. Spectre gives you your favorite morning treat reincarnated into this all-day-vape flavor. On the inhale is a rush of those freshly picked berries that provide you with a tart flavor experience. Your taste buds will be delighted as this intense flavor dances across your taste buds with each puff. Blending with these tart berries are your favorite mini marshmallows. This marshmallow flavor provides a sweeter balance to that tangy berry flavor. This perfected balance has been outdone by 13th Floor Elevapors. On the exhale this creamy milk base provides a truly savory experience giving that intense flavor a savory washdown. These flavors fuse together creating that authentic cereal taste that is sure to please.

13th Floor Elevapors Nicotine Salt Flavors - 30ml

Apple Pucker

A sour apple candy that is sure to make your lips pucker with each puff. This candy e-juice is beyond belief with its authentic sour flavor mixed with those juicy green apples. Apple Pucker by 13th Floor Elevapors takes that crisp green apple flavor and fuses it with a sweet and sour candy base to provide you with the ultimate treat. On the inhale a sour rush will make your lips pucker with delight, a truly sour blend is hard to find. This tangy flavor has been fused with those juicy green apples to give a balance between sour and sweet. Giving this e-juice an added kick is that candy base. This candy base is sure to please with each puff. From the first puff, your tongue will be overwhelmed with this intense flavor profile that will leave you craving for more. Your sweet tooth cravings will be kicked, so there is no more need to hoard your favorite green apple candies on your office desk. 


Creamy vanilla milk blended with sticky caramel to remind you of your favorite coffee. Django has an added hint of subtle tobacco on the exhale for taste. This coffee e-juice flavor is matured with that Kentucky flue-cured tobacco. Just like their popular vape juice Django, they have turned one of their most popular flavors into a nic salt to appease those tobacco lovers who are seeking a more intense nicotine level. On the inhale is a silky milk flavor that has been fused with creamy caramel to provide a sweet coffee taste. This coffee flavor has been blended with a light tobacco flavor giving it a matured taste. This Kentucky tobacco on the exhale is truly authentic and rich in flavor. Flue-cured tobacco is a process where the tobacco leaves are hung in a barn and slowly heated without including any smoke. This causes the tobacco to become richer in sugar, giving it a sweet taste, and higher in nicotine levels. This sweet tobacco blends perfectly with that coffee taste making this e-juice perfect for any tobacco or coffee fanatic. 

Lemon Ice

This e-juice is perfect for a hot summer's day. Refreshing pink lemonade with an icy cool of menthol on the exhale. The inhale is just like drinking a cold glass of pink lemonade from an old-fashioned lemonade stand on a warm day. The exhale is a minty rush of menthol that is sure to give the perfect cool down. Lemon Ice by 13th Floor Elevapors is sure to please from the first drop to the last. This intense flavor is truly authentic and provides you with an intense flavor experience. On the inhale a rush of tart lemonade will dance along your taste buds delighting them with its tangy flavor. This tart has been balanced out with that natural sweetness that comes from pink lemonade. A light menthol base has been added to provide a cooling rush with each exhale. This icy blast of menthol is sure to please all those menthol fanatics, and even convert any consumer who is on the edge about those menthol flavors. 

You can get your vape juice fix without worrying about the calories. Each of these flavors is guaranteed to make your sweet tooth scream with pleasure as soon as the flavor washes over the palate. Thanks to the geniuses behind the 13th Floor Elevapors these delightful blends are available for all to enjoy. 

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