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Lost Vape

Lost Vape engineers and builds incredible pod system devices and vape mods that is the first of its kind. It's a regulated all-in-one device that comes equipped with the DNA Go 40W Chipset, the first DNA pod system.

The Lost Vape Orion comes packed with tons of features, such as the ability to reach up to 40W, variable wattage control with a choice of three outputs, Evolv's new Replay mode, and not to mention it's completely compatible with EVOLV Escribe software that allows you to fine-tune your device.

Constructed of a stainless steel material, you'll find the quality surpasses other pod systems in its class.

Lost Vape Brand - Premium Quality

The Lost Vape brand has certainly come a long way as it closely monitors changes in trends, and when its development team released the original Lost Vape Orion Pod System, its success only intensified. What’s fascinating about this brand, other than its products that are constructed of quality materials, is that with each product it releases, there’s something new and innovative to offer. In this case, there is no difference, even though its quality, appearance, and ease-of-use remain intact. The new Lost Vape Orion Q Pod features many of its predecessor's fascinating traits, yet comes coupled with less complicated adjustments and a significantly lower cost.

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