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The SMOK Novo collection, alongside the Nord, is one of the industry's most popular, and best-selling series of all time. The device has become an entry point for former smokers and a more convenient way to enjoy vaping for experienced vapers. As with many products, the SMOK Novo has endured an evolution of changes, ranging from its design to the features it offers, and even performance increases that will please even the most veteran vapers. You now have access to them all under one roof in our SMOK Novo collection.

The SMOK Novo first debuted in 2019, which helped the vape pod market boom. Not long after, the Novo 2 released with an upgraded battery and a serious increase in performance. The SMOK Novo X seen the biggest leap forward, as it was accompanied by even more power, low resistance pods, and an OLED display screen that delivered phenomenal feedback. Next came the Novo 3, which didn't receive much of a change in comparison to the Novo 2, however, within the device there were several changes in functionality. The Novo 4 is the latest and greatest to join the collection, now offering adjustable airflow control, Type-C charging, a replaceable coil using the LP1 coil series, and tons of performance to experience.

SMOK Novo Vape Pod Review


The original SMOK Novo Vape Pod System delivers tons of excitement for the entry level vaper, boasting a large 450mAh battery capacity, up to 16W of vaping power, and a draw-activated firing mechanism. The pod is refillable and has a 2mL vape juice capacity, which uses a horizontal coil to delivers loads of performance. With an ergonomically curved mouthpiece, cobra-plated panels, and a compact design, the Novo was built to satisfy.

SMOK Novo 2

The SMOK Novo 2 is remarkably impressive, giving you a compact vaping device that houses a large 800mAh integrated battery, a large 2mL vape juice capacity, and a hefty 25W output using Novo 2 pods that featured a mesh coil and dual coil pod. With an updated bottom airflow system and a side-fill system, everything about the Novo 2 screams both convenience and performance. It's a mashup that everyone continues to look forward to.


The SMOK Novo X was the next best device to join the popular Novo collection, delivering the same compact design that everyone has fallen in love with, and even the large 800mAh battery capacity and 25W output, yet features single button operation, a draw-activated firing mechanism, and a 0.49" OLED display. Performance is at the highest with a mesh and dual coil pod, and additional features, such as intelligent atomizer recognition.

SMOK Novo 3

The SMOK Novo 3 is just as impressive, sharing an 800mAh battery capacity, a 25W output, and a 2mL vape juice capacity, among many of the same great features that would excite you in past devices. The big ticket with the Novo 3 is the updated airflow pathing and the SMOK Novo 3 pod series, which includes a 0.8ohm Novo 3 pod. It's the same great vape pod that you've always used, except upgraded for an even better vaping experience.

SMOK Novo 4

The SMOK Novo 4 is the latest and greatest to hit the collection, offering many of the same great features, except with an improved design, functionality, and performance. It has an 800mAh rechargeable battery, 25W of vaping power, and a 2mL vape juice capacity. To improve upon such a stellar device, it now has features like wattage adjustment, the ability to turn the device on or off, and it uses the newly developed LP1 coil series, which consists of a 0.8ohm meshed coil for great taste and performance.

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