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Horizon Tech

Making its way into a still infant industry early on, HorizonTech became a premier manufacturer and supplier of vaping equipment in the midst of the industry’s big vaping boom. It has become a brand that is synonymous with high-quality products that have engineered to deliver an extraordinary experience. All of its creations that rest within its portfolio are affordable, yet retain many of the features that are known to propel a brand to success. While it has adopted several features that are trending with consumers, HorizonTech is also recognized as an innovator, utilizing a highly skilled research and development team to create products that offer incredible designs, marveled appeal, structures that are performance-driven, and general quality that is just a step above the rest. If somehow you’re unfamiliar with this outstanding, high-tech enterprise that engages in research and development, production, and the marketing of vapor products, it’s time you dive deeper into the depths of Horizon Technology Co., Ltd.

There are many hardware manufacturers in the industry that have certainly done an excellent job of keeping vaping consumers satisfied. However, there are none quite like HorizonTech. This China-based manufacturer features a monumental research and development team, as well as a highly skilled production team. To create these stunning products, HorizonTech spends a great deal of time investing in the research and development of new products, which is how you’ve come to love and adore sub-ohm tank systems, like its recent release, the HorizonTech Falcon King Tank. Listening to the feedback of consumers, HorizonTech works vigorously to create products that satisfy you on every level, from their looks to their performance, and everything in between. Its production team is equally as impressive, employing a massive group of skilled works that help the company consistently produce a high volume of vaping products in an effort to reach global distribution.

The quality of HorizonTech products is by far some of the best in the industry, which is just another reason why this brand is one of the most favored by consumers. Not only do you see, feel and taste the quality that exudes from its products, but it also has the qualifications and certifications to back it. For instance, the company passed GMP, ISO9001, and a slew of different international quality system certifications. It endures and surpasses all expectations of inspections, from SQA incoming inspection, PQC process controlling and testing, simulating customers inspection, and final OQC shipment inspection. Quality of its products and quality control is a part of manufacturing products that HorizonTech holds to high regard.

With so many products on the market, it’s easy to get lost in the sauce by overlooking some of the most powerful performing sub-ohm tanks on the market. HorizonTech originally took the market by storm when it released its Arctic Series of tanks, which delivered sub-ohm capability and its Bottom Turbine Coil (BTC) Technology. It went on to create a wonderland of a coil system for the tank, then began creating additional products to advance the brand. The Horizon Arco Tank was a favored system, and it even went as far as to develop the Horizon Vertex Plus RTA, which was essentially a rebuildable tank atomizer with a two-post design. The Arco 2 was released that drew in crowds by the droves, but its most popular and best performing tank yet is the HorizonTech Falcon Tank, a series that includes, the King, Resin and Artisan editions. This sub-ohm system is one of the most impressive within its arsenal of tanks, and it features a stunning list of coil options that are designed to deliver the industry’s best performance.

It’s certainly an influential brand that has essentially dominated the sub-ohm tank system market as of late, and as it continues to reveal more of its innovative characteristics, you’ll find that your attraction to this incredible manufacturing brand will only continue to grow. Here at West Coast Vape Supply, we’re thrilled to offer the latest and greatest vaping equipment from HorizonTech. We know how great this brand has impacted the industry and its consumers, which is why we continue to outfit our HorizonTech Collection page with the extraordinary products and the best that this brand has to offer.

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