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From the very moment of entering the vaping market in 2015, Shenzhen Uwell Technology Company Ltd, better known throughout the industry as Uwell, has dominated the vaping Sub-Ohm Tank market. Although it may seem like a relatively new company, in the world of vapor products, one year seems like ten as the innovation rate is insanely demanding. Developed around the simple ethos of providing the greatest quality products to its customers and taking pride in every product it releases, Uwell has garnered a fan base that encircles the globe. From relatively simple beginnings, this powerhouse has grown exponentially. From high-powered tanks to some of the most innovative vaping devices on the market, Uwell is taking the competition head-on. While other companies may take a basic device and repackage it a thousand ways, knowing from the first edition that it was sub-par, Uwell takes customer satisfaction seriously. This extraordinary brand makes sure that only the best designs make it into the end user's hands.

Until recently, all of Uwells’ energy and resources were aimed at creating the perfect sub tank. Without its pioneering work, the landscape of tanks currently on the market may be very different. The Crown Tank was, at the time of its release, a giant leap from the offerings of other companies. As a flavor producer, they didn’t come any better than the original Crown. If you look at the basic design of most tanks on the market right now, you will see parts of this tank in all of them.

Not every design they released was perfect, but when they realized that they had a failure, Uwell owned it. If the customers weren’t satisfied, neither were they, and the Crown II all but disappeared from the annals of history. Honoring their ethos, they sent the research and development team on a quest for the ultimate vaping experience and they hit the nail on the head with the Crown III. Even though it’s been on the market for a while, many vapers will not put it down as it is still one of the best that exist.

Moving forward to present day, the release of that one tank sent Uwell’s name into the mainstream and allowed them to branch out into a greater range of products. Not only do they have some of the most recognizable names on the market in their product line-up with the amazing Valyrian Tank, Nunchaku and Crown IV respectively, but they have now moved into the arena of vaping power sources. When it comes to vaping kits, the offerings that are coming out of Uwell are unreal.

While “Innovative design” is a term that is thrown around quite loosely by some, when it comes to producing high-quality products with features that go above and beyond the vaper’s requirements, Uwell is making a name for itself. Whether customers are looking for a simple all-in-one style device, starter kit, or a beastly 200-watt device, Uwell has a solution for sale. Variable wattage tube style mods have become a mainstay in the shape of the Nunchaku, while the Iron Fist and Crown IV kits provide awesome power in tiny packages.

Uwell has created an amazing brand, not only in name, as it has always listened to its customers. They may not have the plethora of products offered by other manufacturers, but you can rest easy knowing that what they have released was designed for vapers, with the help of the people who use the products. Every product that hits the shelves with the Uwell name is made only from the highest quality materials and has undergone rigorous testing. Uwell states that it doesn’t cut corners or skimp on product costs. They don’t want to be known as a company that follows in anyone’s footsteps, because they will continue to innovate until they have attained the industry standard in perfection.

Uwell is a household name with new vapers and vape enthusiasts alike for a reason. It’s not because they pumped out 50 different devices with the same specifications in a 6-month period or because the vaping “in-crowd” blew them up across social media. The products they have released speak for themselves through unmatched quality, unbeatable materials, and a reputation for giving the customers what they want in the shape of iconic vaping equipment. When it comes to expectations in vapor products, Uwell doesn’t just exceed them, it creates a whole new level of needs.

On the outside, many Uwell products don’t leap out from the pack. It’s this unassuming quality that has brought so many people back time after time. They aren’t looking for over the top flashiness, with a built-in light show or Bluetooth enabled speaker. They just want products that work as advertised, every time they hit the fire button. The Uwell line-up is beautiful, but rather than rely on becoming vanity items, they sell on the quality of their collective components and it shows.

Here at West Coast Vape Supply, we are happy to offer a great selection of Uwells’ ground-breaking product-line, at what we believe, are some of the most competitive prices you will find on the web. You will have access to a wide selection of Uwells’ pioneering products such as Sub-Ohm Tanks, All-In-One systems, and Full Kits that are designed to last with performance capabilities that leave the competition in the dirt. With some of the most advanced coils systems available, your vaping experience will improve & you may even wonder why you were using other products, to begin with. Within our Uwell collection, you will find some of the most advanced products in the world at the lowest prices you will find anywhere.

With the Uwell brand, there is no wrong choice. These products are designed to work hard and make your experience as a vaper a happy one. They have put in the work so every second coil you put in a tank isn’t a dud, and you are their primary focus as a business. They take your wishes and your happiness seriously -- take a look around and find out which Uwell product is right for you! 

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