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Wulf Mods

When it comes to the world of herbal vaporizers, you won’t find a more recognizable name than Wulf Mods. Digitizing traditional products for the modern age, this is a brand that knocks it out of the park with every product that they bring to the market. Whether you’re in the market for an oil or concentrate vaporizer, Wulf mods have made sure to have a design in their catalog for you. Opening up shop in the epicenter of the industry may be considered a gamble to some but for this company, it seems to be working like a charm.

Our Wulf Mods collection page is here because we believe in bringing our clientele the best products on the market, save none. Find out a little bit, about the company, take a look around and find out for yourself why Wulf Mods is a brand we believe in.

What is Wulf Mods?

As a company born in the epicenter of Vape culture, the Wulf Mods brand was created in Southern California in 2011. With almost a decade of experience under its belt, this company has slowly but surely become one of the best-known names in the game. While other builders seem to like the concept of throwing products at the wall and seeing what sticks, Wulf Mods took the time to get to know its potential customers and their needs intimately. Wulf looked at people from every walk of life, taking every demographic into account and made sure they had a product suited to everyone. Whether you are looking at replacement cartridges or a complete mod system, you can rely on the fact that Wulf made it from the best materials, tried it, and tested it before it ever became a sellable item.

This is a company that takes its brand name seriously, a single unhappy company could destroy a reputation and they get it! Wulf Mods sees its customers as members of its extended family, customer satisfaction is its main goal. Wulf Mods doesn’t only cater to the herbal crowd, it even has regular e-liquids in its catalog. When they say they are in the business of looking after vapers, they truly mean it. In an ever-evolving world, the products they bring to market are truly second to none.

What Does Wulf Offer?

Wulf Mods currently has over 25 Vaporizers, Mods & Tanks for you to choose from. When compared to a couple of the other companies in the market, this may not seem like a massive selection. The major difference between Wulf Mods collection and other folks’ collections is a simple one. While the Multi-national was pumping out whatever came into the designers’ mind that day, the small research and development team at Wulf was crafting masterpieces. Just because you see a product on every shelf in every store doesn’t mean its necessarily the best, and generally speaking, massive production runs leave more room for mistakes. While we wouldn’t go as far as calling Wulf a bespoke company, it has the quality control of a company selling a billion-dollar product.

While Wulf doesn’t have a massive fan base around the world screaming its name from the rooftops, the high quality of its products speaks volumes for the company. Until recently, most of its business was conducted on the underground, but as time moves forward, they will become more of a household name in every part of the industries they are involved in.

When it comes to cartridge systems, you won’t find better quality products or better prices anywhere. Compact, well built from the finest materials, and unmatched performance by anything in their class. Whether you are looking for oil cartridges or dual quartz coiled cartridges for concentrates, Wulf Mods has several options for you. The most amazing part of Wulf’s tank systems, unlike many in the industry, is they can be used with any device that has a 510 connector.

Moving on from the cartridges, what some would consider simple pen-style mods, Wulf has turned even the most basic of components into a solidly crafted piece of art. Native 510 connections, easily concealable, quick charging, and simple to operate, they are a fan favorite.

For those ready to move up to a slightly bigger battery size (meaning longer life and better performance), the Wulf series of vaporizers is phenomenal. With variable voltage options built-in to the cartridge systems, they are designed to allow users to customize their vaping experience. Dry herb burning mods with pin-point accurate temperature control options take all of the guesswork out of the operation, ceramic burning chambers ensure even heating of products every single time. When we said that Wulf made it a habit to ensure that the products it offered were state of the art and designed with the end-user in mind, we weren’t joking.

Whichever product you are looking at from Wulf Mods, you can guarantee it has been crafted from the finest materials, and every aspect of its performance of its operation was painstakingly considered before the public was even aware of its existence.

Get To Know Wulf Products

Here at West Coast Vape Supply, we believe in only bringing our customers the best products available on the market, the kind of products we are happy to put our name behind. When it comes to herbal vaporizers, there are thousands of different variations and brands but very few we would put in front of our customers- not because anyone produces a bad product, but because you only deserve the best.

Now you know a little bit about the company and have an idea of the type of products they craft, take a few minutes to browse our collection. We try our best to ensure that you, our customers can get the best products from around the web right here and more often than not at prices that can’t be beaten anywhere! For some people, Wulf isn’t just a brand, it’s a way of life and we want to make sure you don’t miss out on perfection.

Wulf Mods Vaporizer Review

Wulf Micro

The Wulf Micro by Wulf Mods is an extraordinary device that offers a small stature, yet still manages to deliver outstanding performance. The device is structurally sound and looks phenomenal at every angle. It provides three voltage settings, comes with a refillable cCell cartridge, and is compatible with all 510 cartridges on the market. With an inbuilt battery and adjustable voltage, expect a solid performance.

Wulf Duo 2 in 1 Cartridge Vaporizer

The Wulf Duo 2 in 1 Cartridge Vaporizer features an excellent design and structure built around sheer quality in every facet. The device offers incredible battery capacity and features adjustable, allowing you to cycle a range of 3.4V to 4.0V. The front of the device is detachable, which gives you access to the power button, voltage LED color display and charging port. The most important part of this device is the two distinct cartridges, which consists of a glass tank for oils and a dual quartz cartridge for concentrates.

Wulf SLK Vape Pen

The Wulf SLK Vape Pen is a small vape pen device that features a sleek and slender design, yet still manages to provide exceptional performance with 510-threaded cartridges. The device is simple, easy to use, and is available in two colors to match the cartridge you attach to it. With an integrated battery and a five-click button system, the device enters a heat mode, and just fifteen seconds later, you are ready to enjoy this super portable vaporizer.

Wulf SLK Concentrate Vape Pen Kit

The Wulf SLK Concentrate Vape Pen Kit is the perfect companion for all of your vaping needs when it comes to concentrates. It is a powerful device that is not only slender but very sleek. With incredible portability, enhanced convenience, and performance that goes the extra mile, you will find nothing that can quite compare. It features a single button design and an easy to access heat mode that takes a mere fifteen seconds. It offers a quartz heating mechanism and ceramic chamber, which is perfect for all types of concentrate material. To boost performance, it boasts three heat options to choose from, allowing you to device your experience.

Wulf Vape Digital Vaporizer

The Wulf Vape Digital Vaporizer offers an outstanding look, the latest technology, and a performance that you simply wouldn’t believe. This device offers great quality, it is very portable and makes vaping even more convenient. To get started, simply remove the cap, add your material, choose your heat setting, and you’re ready to go. The device makes vaping a breeze with its front-facing digital screen, which allows you to control both power and temperature.

Wulf Vape SX Vaporizer

The Wulf Vape SX Vaporizer is one that you wouldn’t expect to work so flawlessly. It has a small, very portable design and makes vaping even more convenient than ever. On the face, there is an OLED display screen, a power button, and two adjustment buttons to control the temperature. The device features a ceramic heating oven, quick warm-up time, and is as simple as removing the top and placing your material inside. The whole experience with the Wulf Vape SX Vaporizer is made to be simple and easy, and that is exactly what you get.

Type-B Concentrate Dome Kit

The Type-B Concentrate Dome Kit is the perfect tank to add to your device. It will fit on any 510-threaded mod and will look good while doing so. It is made of a strong metal and glass material that will withstand the course of time. It features a two-piece heating chamber and a grade-2 titanium heating coil. With a heat-up time of just five seconds and exceptional construction, you will find that this dome kit is one of the best on the market.

Ceramic Dual Coil Concentrate Dome Kit

The Ceramic Dual Coil Concentrate Dome Kit provides a remarkable experience. The dome kit is made from high-quality materials, using both solid metal and glass to ensure that it lasts. This tank, in particular, utilizes a ceramic dual coil, which provides outstanding flavor and vapor production. It is as simple as loading in your concentrate and enjoys the smooth, yet hard hits from the performance-driven ceramic dual coil.

Wulf Vape LX Vaporizer

The Wulf Vape LX Vaporizer is a device that features an incredible design. It is small, lightweight, easy to use, and it is very portable. It provides ultimate convenience and makes the whole experience of vaping that much more enjoyable. The device is flawlessly built, boasting an OLED display, a power button, and two adjustment buttons. It allows you to control the temperature, monitor the battery level, and make decisive actions to control your vape experience. It utilizes a ceramic heating oven and features a quick warm-up time, allowing you to quickly get to what you enjoy most, vaping.

Wulf Evolve Plus Vaporizer

The Wulf Evolve Plus Vaporizer is one of the industry’s most iconic devices, designed to deliver the best vaping experience. It boasts a 1100mAh rechargeable battery and is slapped with several fascinating features. It has a built-in silicone jar to house your material and offers a large quartz dual coil that provides clean hits and ultimate performance. The device has the ability to heat instantly and comes with built-in features like the 15-second battery safety cut-off to ensure both you and the device are protected at all times.

Wulf Vape SX Digital Portable Vaporizer

The Wulf Vape SX Digital Portable Vaporizer is one of the latest additions to the Wulf Mods collection, boasting an amazing design that consists of quality and ease of use. The device offers up a digital display, a power button, and two adjustment buttons to turn the device on, power it, and controls its temperature. It has a top cap that can be easily removed to add material and features three adjustable temperature settings to truly define your vape experience.

The Wulf Mods collection offers a list of outstanding devices designed for your alternative vaping needs. Each device provides extraordinary quality, exceptional features, and a performance that you must try to believe. If you are looking for the best vaping experience, look no further than Wulf Mods vape collection.

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