SMOK Nord Pro Empty Replacement Pods


SMOK Nord Pro Empty Replacement Pods 3-Pack

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SMOK Nord Pro Empty Replacement Pods 3-Pack

SMOK Nord Pro Empty Replacement Pods

Giving you the opportunity to quickly switch between flavors or replace a damaged pod, the SMOK Nord Pro Empty Replacement Pods are the perfect solution and the ultimate savior for your Nord Pro. These pods arrive completely empty and ensure that you can continue using your Nord Pro just as you always have, sporting a fair capacity, side fill design, and many more great features to expect.

What are Nord Pro Empty Pods? The SMOK Nord Pro Empty Replacement Pods are cartridges that have been specifically designed for the Nord Pro device. It has a stock fit and is a direct replacement, making it perfect for those who have damaged their pod, misplaced it, or simply need an extra pod on standby. It features a 3.3mL vape juice capacity and has a side fill design that is made possible thanks to a silicone stopper. A child-lock prevention system is also in place, keeping the little ones away. It utilizes the Nord Pro coil series, delivers a hassle-free experience with the press-fit coil installation, and fits snug into the device because of the magnetic pod connection.

Allowing you to replace a damaged pod or easily switch between pods with your favorite flavor, the Nord Pro is an outstanding addition to any Nord Pro setup. The pods are feature-packed and come as empty pods, giving you the ability to fill them with the most delicious flavors available.

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SMOK Nord Pro Replacement Pods Features and Specifications

  • Compatible With The Nord Pro Device
  • 3.3mL Vape Juice Capacity
  • Child-Lock Prevention System
  • Uses SMOK Nord Pro Coil Series
  • Press-Fit Coil Installation
  • Magnetic Pod Connection

What's In The Box

  • 3 SMOK Nord Pro Empty Replacement Pods