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Located in the heart of Shenzhen City’s Bao’an District, FreeMax has developed into an extraordinary manufacturing brand that has impacted the vapor products industry significantly. Since its inception in 2013, it has become the industry’s leading manufacturer of the finest sub-ohm tanks, presenting unsurpassed levels of quality, performance, and appeal. While it’s known for its superiority when it comes to tanks, it’s also made quite the bold entrance into an unfamiliar space of vaping devices and followed the same trend by receiving incredible success.

Being a very versatile brand, FreeMax has a way of delivering innovative and technologically advanced products in all facets of the market. It’s able to accomplish such feats by adhering to innovation at its core, focusing heavily on user experience, and constantly improving the user’s taste and comfort. Though the manufacturing brand is recognized widely in the United States, FreeMax is a global brand that caters to many countries, spanning the entire market of consumers. If you’re looking for a brand that delivers a fascinating line of high-performance products that maintains both an enhanced quality and rich in innovative designs, FreeMax is a brand that will not only meet but will also exceed all of your expectations.

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