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Historically speaking, the Aspire brand name was synonymous with new vapers. When it first appeared on the market in 2013, the vaping world was at the center of a dynamic shift. Everyone was looking for a change from Clearomiser style tanks, as the public knew that more was possible from the market. Giant corporations were already pumping out millions of units per week, such as Kangertech and Joyetech, but this soon-to-be juggernaut found a niche that the others seemed to be leaving behind. While many experienced vapers lost sight of the Aspire name for quite some time, over the last 18 months, they have stamped the market with some killer designs. The community came almost full circle, from bigger, nastier cloud-producing demons back to smaller mouth-to-lung type systems, Aspire waited patiently in the wings.

Aspire Vape Review

From humble beginnings with simple designs, Aspire caught everyone’s attention with the invention of the Nautilus Tank. Sleek, simple, and the ability to produce crisp, clean flavors made it an amazing addition to the vaping market. Without the Aspire Nautilus, the adjustable airflow that everyone takes for granted may never have existed. A true pioneer in the vaping world, this tank is still as popular today as it was the week of its launch. The coil system in the tank is timeless. One of the latest devices to hit the market from Aspire, the Nautilus AIO, uses the same coil packs. The rise of pod systems was almost seen as a rebirth for the brand, but the reality is that they never went anywhere – they were concentrating on helping smokers make the switch.

When it comes to simple product design that keeps the customer's needs at the forefront, Aspire is miles ahead of the curve. Whether it’s the simplicity of their tank systems, the ease of use of their AIO pod systems, or the amazing quality of the best e-hookah on the market, Aspire hasn’t once tried to overcomplicate its designs.

While other companies were running at full speed to get the most powerful device on the market, with more batteries and the bells and whistles they thought the customers wanted, Aspire stuck to a very simple business model that has created a truly global distribution network.  They concentrated their efforts on customer satisfaction and the highest quality products, repeatedly trendsetting without anyone realizing they were doing it. From the Atlantis through to the Cleito Tank series, the sub-ohm offerings released by Aspire have been outstanding. Creating the perfect balance between flavor retention and producing killer clouds has been elusive for many companies, often trading off taste for more vapor production but Aspire has repeatedly found the sweet spots. When the customers wanted to turn up the heat on the device without having to turn to RDA’s, the Cleito 120 was, and still is, an absolute beast.

The research and development department at Aspire has always been the finest innovators in the industry, even though they are rarely in the spotlight for the latest technology. They don’t look for ways to make you buy their products, and they look for solutions to the problems that the public tells them that exist. When they were asked to create a tank that would work for both mouth-to-lung vapers and those who wanted massive clouds, they created adjustable airflow. When they were asked to develop a solution for people who wanted to use hookahs but were getting low-quality products, the R&D team created the Proteus Kit – and it’s been a fan favorite ever since.

With the advent of salt-based nicotine e-liquids, it was as if Aspire had been preparing for a resurgence of high-quality, low-wattage devices. The Aspire Breeze is a device that could activate with a fire button or simply drawing on the tip, it is perfect for a first-time user of any vape product to pick up and use, but it is also popular with people who have been vaping for years. Aspires AIO systems work so well that the designs seem to have been used as blueprints for others in the industry, as we said earlier this company has a history of setting the standard.

When it comes to complete systems, Aspire has given the market a couple of amazing offerings. The Pockex system is a simple, stick-style sub-ohm kit that takes full advantage of the Aspire balancing act between flavor and cloud production. At the other end of the spectrum, for people who are looking for an inexpensive entry into the world of box mods, the Zelos kit is in a class unto itself. Simple to operate and hardworking, this is a 50-watt box mod that is topped off with the latest version of their timeless classic, the Nautilus II.

While we have barely scratched the surface with Aspire’s wide assortment of products, we here at West Coast Vape Supply are honored to have them on our shelves. From their variety of simple tanks to sub-ohm beasts, AIO pod systems to high-quality starter kits – such as the Zelos and Pockex – all the way through to the coil systems that make all Aspire products stand out from the competition, we are pleased to offer them at some of the lowest prices anywhere. Our goal is merely to get the best products on the market into the hands of our customers for the most competitive prices they will find.

When it comes to products made from high-quality materials by some of the finest creators in the world of vaping, you won’t find anything better than the Aspire Collection we have right here. Whether you need exquisite devices, ground-breaking tanks, or accessories, we believe that we have enough of a selection for everybody to find what they need. Take the time to browse through our Aspire collection, as we believe that when it comes to putting together an amazing vaping experience, the devices, and tanks that they offer are truly in a class of their own.

 If you're looking for some of the best vaping products, it doesn't get any better than the Aspire brand. This name is known throughout the industry for its craftsmanship, the quality of the products, the designs that they create, and the performance that is backed behind each and every product it releases. There is a reason why Aspire is one of the industry's largest names, and it's up to you to explore what it's all about.

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