WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Sutra Vape

Created in 2011, Sutra Vape is sure to become your number one shop for everything that you need for your vaporizer needs. The variety of their products fit every single vaporizer lifestyle. Since 2011, their mission has been to provide top shelf products that are hard to rival. Sutra Vape offers a wide variety of vaporizers for dry herb, essential oils, and e-liquid to suit however you want to vape that day.

Sutra Mini

The Sutra Mini by Sutra Vape is a convection vaporizer and the latest in our line of alternative vaporizers that are created to vape concentrates to perfection. Sutra spared no expense in the development of this mighty device that vaunts precision temperature control, made from high-grade materials, and a compact design that makes this one of the smallest vaporizers of its kind.

Sutra Dash Pod

Sutra Dash POD Vaporizer takes discreet and ultra-portable and combines it with complete practicality. The Dash is able to hold 1ml of essential oils or e-liquids, varying what cartridge you choose to use. Simple is an integral part of this unit. The device is auto-primed by users taking a handful of brief draws. Inhalation activation is among this product's mostuser-friendly features.

Sutra Selfie

The Sutra Selfie by Sutra Vape is an auto draw oil vaporizer. After Sutra's success with the Sutra Mini, the Sutra Selfie takes it up a notch. This 3.7V vaporizer comes with a 250mAH li-ion battery and magnetic thread adapters to fit all of your cartridges. The included cartridge has a 0.5ml capacity that you can fill with your favorite oil. It’s a small2 inch (5.08 cm) x1 inch (2.54 cm) unit without any buttons—just inhale like you're breathing to activate the device. 

Sutra DBR Portable E-nail Kit

The Sutra DBR Portable E-Nail Kit makes concentrate or essential oil vaporization compact and less unwieldy than the regular ones you may have seen. With four unique nails and a rechargeable battery, the DBR is small without forgoing any components that allow it to have an out of this world vaping experience. It has a digital display incorporated to make heat selection simple. The DBR also comes with a water filtration system attachment that makes every draw clean and satisfying.


The S-Type Vaporizer is an extremely easy vaporizer that you can use in many ways including the use of concentrates. The S-Type is the utmost portable vaporizer that is perfect for taking out on the go. With the device made from a durablepolycarbonate material you will not have to worry about the S-Type getting too hot. The simplicity of this device makes it easy for anyone to use, the 1,2,3, design makes this vaporizer amazing to use on a daily basis!