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Providing only great vibes, Vibes has quickly grown into one of the world's most recognized brand names in the space, creating a loyal following. With its original trademarked name, people all over the world are sporting the brand, whether that be from its collection of rolling papers to its hot apparel drops, Vibes is the social wave, and it's backed by the most incredible arsenal of products. From papers and cones to rolling trays and grinders, there are many vital components in this lineup that will help you with all of your smoking needs.

Vibes is a brand based around a collection of premium rolling papers that are both cultivated and crafted in France. The brand is the spawn of a collaborative effort with Berner, an influencer, rapper, and serial entrepreneur. While the Vibes brand may stem from rolling papers, it offers much more to connoisseurs looking to toke up. With its trademarked name and the good "vibes" behind it, there is no better brand you want to be a part of than Vibes.

Vibes Product Reviews

Vibes X Santa Cruz Shredder 4-Piece Hemp Grinder

The Santa Cruz Shredder 4-Piece Hemp Grinder by Vibes is a premium grinder that makes the whole process of grinding your material so much easier and more enjoyable. It features an incredible quality, using 100% hemp fiber with a proprietary bioplastic binder. It has a 4-piece design, boasts a patented tooth design, and also sports a new hemp screen, which is the first of its kind.

Vibes X Santa Cruz Shredder 2-Piece Hemp Grinder

The Santa Cruz Shredder 2-Piece Hemp Grinder by Vibes is a premium grinder constructed of 100% hemp fiber that uses a proprietary bioplastic binder. It is a 2-piece grinder with a patented tooth design, allowing you to shred through herbs. This special grinder is a collaborative effort between Vibes and Santa Cruz Shredder, two of the industry's most reputable brand names.

Vibes X Aerospaced 4-Piece Grinder

The Aerospaced 4-Piece Grinder by Vibes makes grinding through herbs a breeze. This perfectly designed premium grinder is milled from 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum, boasting a lightweight design that makes using the grinder even more enjoyable. It has optimized double-lead threading, a magnetic lid, a precision-balanced head, and sports an anodized smooth finish. Inside, you can expect razor-sharp diamond-shaped teeth and an integrated pollen catcher and scraper.

Vibes X Aerospaced 2-Piece Grinder

The Aerospaced 2-Piece Grinder by Vibes is the perfect companion to your collection of alternative products. It is a premium grinder that is constructed from milled aircraft-grade aluminum and features an anodized finish to provide the smoothest surface. It offers optimized threading, a magnetic lid, and an airtight seal. Inside the grinder, there are 30 razor-sharp diamond-shaped teeth that grind through the material.

Vibes Pre-Rolled Hemp Cones

The Pre-Rolled Hemp Cones by Vibes are premium pre-rolled cones made using hemp, which is naturally processed and boasts a slow and even burns each time you use them. It delivers a clean-burning experience that will make the process of smoking herbs even more enjoyable. The Vibes Hemp Cones are available in 1.25" or King Sized (1-gram).