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The electronic cigarette industry has endured quite the long journey, despite it only being in existence for a mere 12 years. If there was ever a time where you didn’t believe in history repeating itself, vaping should be a good example to turn you into a believer. Throughout the years, the trend went from small pen style e-cigarettes to big high-powered mods, and within recent years it finally started gravitating back to its roots, taking on a compact design, using cartridges instead of a two-piece tank system, and believe it or not but consumers are now even moving towards e-liquid with high nicotine strengths. Where users once focused on the vapor amount, they’re now focusing merely on the satisfaction of nicotine, and that has caused many manufacturers to change up their gameplan.

The Suorin brand was an early adopter of the whole vapor pod movement, establishing itself in 2013, and releasing the Suorin Air as the original open pod system. The brand has utilized its talented research and design team to create a variety of devices, all while staying true to its roots in the vape pod category. While its competitors were still on a race to create overpowered devices, Suorin was creating an extensive collection of some of the most remarkable devices that featured an all-in-one design, took advantage of the ‘pod’ concept, and they worked vigorously to offer a performance that goes unmatched. If you have yet to experience what Suorin has to offer, get ready for a thrilling ride with some of the best devices on the market.

Suorin Vape Pod Systems

There are many incredible devices that exist within the Suorin line-up. While all feature a compact and very portable design, they take on different shapes and come equipped with many features. Due to the extraordinary designs, its ultra-portable structure, and stellar performance, these devices have ultimately become the face of the pod-based category.

Resting in its collection is the Suorin Air, one of the most popular vape pod systems on the market due to its elegant design and credit card size. The Suorin Drop is another fascinating device carrying along the Suorin name, which left consumers in shock due to its unique teardrop design. One of its more interesting developments was the Suorin iShare, which features an intuitive power bank that’s perfect for not only sharing a device due to its charging capabilities but also great for those who are more mobile. The Suorin Vagon is another one added to its growing collection, featuring a curvy design that simply feels perfect in the palm. Its most recent release is the Suorin Edge, which offers a modern design with sharp edges, a large battery capacity, and can be charged completed within 30 minutes due to its use of a USB-C port.

Our Collection of Suorin Products

We understand the value of Suorin products and we’re well aware that the Suorin brand is making awesome moves within the industry to further expand the pod-based market. They do this by creating a list of devices designed for the user, geared specifically for those who prefer portability and convenience, all while maintaining superior satisfaction. Here at West Coast Vape Supply, we arm our Suorin store collection with a variety of Suorin’s products, ranging from the Suorin Air 2 to the Suorin Drop to the newly released Suorin Edge Starter Kit. The collection also consists of various Suorin replacement pod cartridges, and we’ve even been known to stack on a few bundles that include Suorin devices as well.

What We Offer

Though West Coast Vape Supply has always been known for its competitive pricing structure that makes vape juice affordable to the average consumer, we are taking the same concept and applying it to our hardware section so that users can enjoy Suorin products with insanely low prices. We are one of the largest vape supply companies in the industry and the significantly reduced costs of the product we offer, the massive selection, and the many incentives is just one of the reasons why our customers love us.

Who is Suorin?

As far as the history of Suorin goes, this is a company that likes to keep itself as discreet as its devices. Established in 2013, Suorin as a company decided early on that while others in the industry were racing after high-powered box mods, they were going to stick to the basics and keep helping smokers make the switch. The idea of keeping it no more complicated than smoking was a risky concept, but it paid off in the long run. Partnering up with one of the largest manufacturers of electronics in the world, Foxconn, Suorin has spent the last 5 years producing high-quality products that have crossed over on multiple occasions between the world of beginner and experienced vaper. When Apple was accused of getting into the vapor market, it was, in fact, this partnership that started the rumors. As the largest manufacturer of Apple products in the world, at first glance, it may have seemed like they were jumping into the business.

While others were going for big clouds, Suorin was aiming for stealth. While the multinational giants of the vaping industry were chasing the next design, Suorin stepped into the vacuum they left in their wake. Innovation in the pod-based market happens almost daily, and most of that research and development happened in the think tank at Suorin. Think about most of the designs you see on the market, the shapes and concepts, then take a look at this brand’s back catalog. Even though every company in the vaping arena now seems to be jumping head first into the pod system market, there is something to be said for the brand that laid down its table and stuck with the smokers looking to make the switch. With every new innovation comes a new chance to change someone’s life, and Suorin is showing no signs of slowing down.

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