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Ceramic Cartridges 100 Rack

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Ceramic Cartridges

Looking for a better product to put your liquids into? Look no more, we have the best ceramic cartridges for the job.

Each cartridge comes with a long-lasting ceramic heating element that will be sure to satisfy the user with every puff. The thing that separates a ceramic coil from a traditional coil is it's micro-porous structure. The coil itself is the wick and the heating element, it uses physics to accomplish the task of heating and wicking simultaneously.

How is this possible? Since the coil is micro-porous, it uses capillary action to pull in the liquid throughout the heating element, thus giving the user a fuller hit without the burn. This capillarity is what makes our ceramic coils the best on the market.

What is in this box?

  • 100 x 0.5mL cartridges
  • Each cartridge comes with the ceramic coil pre-installed
  • Each Cartridge comes with mouth-piece pre-installed