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Juice Dimension Yami Vapor Eliquid

It finally happened, Juice Dimension and Yami Vapor has collaborated together to make outstanding breathtaking lines of juices. These exoctic flavors are not only unique in their taste but they’re like having an explosion of exquisite taste. They’re so good that your taste buds will all pop right out and kiss your boots thanking you for showering them in delicious vapor.

Juice Dimension Yami Vapor Vape Juice Review

Mochi Dough

Soft and chewy rice flower stuffed with mashed sweet red bean paste. A popular Japanese snack that may sound like an odd combination but you know the saying, “Don’t knock it till you try it”. You never know if this is just what you need on a gloomy rainy day looking for something to soothe your taste buds. Having this as a vape juice will give you that same flavorful sensation, although you can’t enjoy the satisfying feeling of chewing it you’ll still feel like you had a mouthful of mochi. On the inhale it’s the sweetened taste of rice flour and red bean paste combined together, making sure on the exhale it delivers a bit more flavor so that you can enjoy the last few seconds of heaven.

Neptune Berries

The creativity in this name is perfect for the flavors itself. The choices of these berries are so out of this world and chilled to the point where you’d think that they came straight from Neptune. On the inhale it’s the tart wine like taste of pomegranate and lush blueberry on the inhale with lip smacking acai berries layering onto your taste buds. Meanwhile the menthol carries through it the whole way so on the exhale it’s the combination of berries and ice cool menthol.

Fruit Sphere

A twist of three delicious favorite fruits made of tart pineapple, orange, and ripened kumquats all together fused into a tropical bonanza made perfectly for a hot and sunny day right next to the water. On the inhale it’s a mouthful of a citrus splash of tangy juice tingling those taste buds, as you exhale you’ll notice a refreshing feel after all the vapor escapes from your mouth. This circle of three peas in a pod helps you reach ultimate satisfaction each and everytime.


No matter what you choose, you won’t be disappointed in either of them. You’ll feel the difference in any other juices, it actually mimics the exact taste to where you can pinpoint each fruit they put in there.

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