Wulf Mods Wulf Micro
Wulf Mods Wulf Micro
Wulf Mods Wulf Micro
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Wulf Micro by Wulf Mods

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Wulf Micro by Wulf Mods

Wulf Micro by Wulf Mods Review

     Are you looking for a small device that is discreet, easy to use, and fits in your pocket? Say "hello" to the new Wulf Vape that is the Wulf Micro. This little guy is a perfect companion for: a day at the beach, a night at the movies, a morning in church, or even a long session on the toilet!

     The Wulf Micro is compatible with all 510 cartridges up to 14 mm diameter. That's good news for all you chubby chasers, as a lot of devices on the market don't hold this larger diameter cartridges. This particular Wulf Vape includes an internal battery that you charge for 2 hours before your first session and then no more that 1 hour any time after that.

     Though, the Wulf Micro is compatible with other cartridges, it still comes with its own refillable cCell cartridge. a cCell atomizer is simply a ceramic heating element that is micro-porous, eliminating the need to use cotton as a wick. No more risk of burning your cotton and being forced to prematurely dispose of your product.

Operating the Wulf Micro is super simple with 3 voltage modes to choose from. To begin, press the button 5 times to turn on the device. Then click the button 3 times to cycle through the 3 three voltage settings. The button will flash a color to indicate which mode is selected, green being 3.4V, blue at 3.7V, and red at 4.0V. If you're curious as to what the wattage output is, you will have to know the resistance of your coil and perform Ohm's equation.

Once you have selected the desired voltage, you can then press the button 2 times to start "sesh mode", this will give you 15 seconds to pull as many times as you can in that amount of time. If you do not wish to vape for 15 seconds, you can press the button once to end the session.


  • Wulf Micro Battery/ Mod
  • Wulf Micro Cartridge
  • Wulf SLK USB Charging Cable
  • Wulf Micro User Manual