WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Black Note Vape Juice 30ml Pick 3 Bundle

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Black Note Vape Juice 30ml Pick 3 Bundle

Black Note Vape Juice Review

Black Note E Liquid is taking the world by storm with it's naturally extracted tobacco flavors from real tobacco leaves. One of the key beliefs that Black Note follows is  "taste tobacco not additives" which they do not add any artificial flavors and ingredients to their ejuice blends.

Quality and authenticity is one of the core values of Black Note Vape Juice and it is obvious with there 6-8 week Cold Macerated tobacco extraction method which is considered the best process in the tobacco industry. Thus due to to the Cold Macerated extraction process the vaper will now notice all the subtle notes and fine details of flavor usually lost with conventional tobacco extraction methods. 


  • Forte - Rich blend of burley tobacco that is aged to perfection at Mount Vesuvius. 
  • Prelude - Savory blend of tobacco from Virginia, the tobacco leafs used have subtle notes of prunes, fig and chocolate. 
  • Sonata - Virginia tobacco leaves cured in a Cavendish process which provides a richer tobacco flavor. 
  • Jazz - American blend of tobacco incorporating 3 different strands of tobacco. Virginia tobacco, Burley tobacco, and Oriental tobacco. 
  • Raggae - Virgina tobacco and methol blend that is both sweet and refreshing. 
  • Pop - English blend of tobacco which is that is sweet, spicy, and smokey. 
  • Lagato - Nutty Italian Kentucky tobacco blend. 
  • Quartet - Latakia tobacco blend, that is smokey yet peppery which is savory.
  • Rock - A great tasting earthy Italian tobacco. 

Start enjoying Black Note vape juice today at a great price. 

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