Black Note E Liquid 30ml Pick 3 Bundle

Black Note

Black Note Vape Juice 30ml Pick 3 Bundle (90ml)

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Black Note Vape Juice 30ml Pick 3 Bundle

Black Note E-Liquid Bundle Review

There are thousands of e-liquid companies around the world, but Black Note stands alone in both product development and customer satisfaction. This is a bundle pack that we are excited to bring to you, if you are looking for something a little different when it comes to Tobacco blends in e-liquid, you are definitely in the right place. In this listing, we wanted to offer the chance to experience Black Note and its blends in affordable 30ML bottles, totaling 90ML of vape juice.

Where other companies would be happy to bring you something that is very similar in taste to the competition, Black note is truly in a category by itself. Officially debuting its products on both sides of the Atlantic in 2015, there is a reason why Black note has gained such a large following. While the competition was trying to create the perfect Tobacco blend using additives and flavor extracts, Black Note decided the best route was to take their products directly from the Tobacco plants they were trying to emulate, perfecting a cold extraction process to get the greatest flavors directly from the plants to the customer. All of the flavor of rich, Tobacco blends without any of the risks of smoking would lead most to believe that this is more of a connoisseurs e-liquid company, but the truth is they have managed to keep these exceptional products at a very affordable price point. Ranging the gamut from simple blends through to extraordinarily complex Tobacco’s from around the world, this isn’t just e-liquid, it’s a masterpiece for any vapers taste buds. Each bottle comes in a 30ML glass dropper and is available in a range of 0MG to 18MG.

Choose Any 3 Black Note Vape Juice Flavors

  • Forte: A rich blend of burley tobacco that is aged to perfection at Mount Vesuvius.
  • Prelude: A savory blend of tobacco from Virginia, the tobacco leaves used have subtle notes of prunes, fig, and chocolate.
  • Sonata: Virginia tobacco leaves cured in a Cavendish process which provides a richer tobacco flavor.
  • Jazz: American blend incorporating Virginia tobacco, Burley tobacco, and Oriental tobacco.
  • Reggae: A Virginia tobacco and menthol blend that is both sweet and refreshing.
  • Pop: An English blend of tobacco which is that is sweet, spicy, and smoky.
  • Legato: Earthy and nutty Kentucky tobacco blend.
  • Quartet: Syrian Latakia sun-cured tobacco blend, that is smoky and savory with an almost peppery undertone.
  • Rock: A great tasting caramelized, earthy Italian Kentucky blend of Tobacco.