Top 10 Selling Ejuice Brands in the Domestic US

Top 10 Selling Vape Juice Brands

Below you will find a list of some of the most popular and delicious vape juice currently on the market. One trend right now are creamy dessert ejuice and sweet strawberry flavors. Check out this list for more information about top vape juice brands!

Cuttwood E-Liquid

Cuttwood Vape and E-Liquids, aka “The Sauce Boss’, offers popular vapor liquids with enticing profiles and tantalizing names. Unicorn Milk is arguably the bestseller - vapers can expect a blend of natural sweet strawberry and “four unique fresh creams”. Also keep an eye out for their Boss Reserve - bananas, milk, and honey graham cereal - and Sugar Drizzle, cinnamon, milky cream, and sugary cereal. Cuttwood recently released My VON ERL Pods, The My. Von Erl Liquid pods are used for the genius ultra portable rectangular pod made by the genius European company My VON ERL is manufactured in Austria the My. VON ERL. pod is also being used by other brands; Frisco Vapers, Halycon, Space Jam, Taffy Man and velvet clouds to name a few.  According to My. VON ERL. each vape juice liquidpod will last approximately 300 puffs which roughly translates to 30 traditional cigarettes based on the assumption that each 'analog' cigarette is around 10 puffs. You'll know when you need to change the M. VON ERL vape juice pod when the pod has depleted.  

One Hit Wonder Eliquid

One hit wonder eliquids are proving to be more than a one hit wonder with their full line of ejuices - Muffin Man ejuice, Police Man, My Man, Rocket Man, and of course, The Man. The Man offers a sweet strawberry inhale with sweet smooth cream on the exhale. Picture your favorite delicious strawberry milk. Yum.


ANML eliquid is as beautiful as it is tasty. These high end liquids are designed by mixologist Phillip Rocke. The labels are breathtakingly beautiful and the flavors are divine. ANML Looper mimics the flavor profile of your favorite fruity cereal and milk - sweet, creamy, with fruity notes. Carnage is sweet strawberry candy.  

The Milkman by Vaping Rabbit

The Milkman Vape Juice is creamy milk and ice cream flavor with fresh strawberries and sweet pastry all packaged in an adorable milk carton for your vaping pleasure!  

Pancake Man Eliquid

Pancake Man ejuice brings you fluffy pancakes with sweet whipped cream and fresh strawberries with a hint of warm maple syrup. Pair it with your morning coffee and you are good to go!

Donuts by Marina Vape

Another popular trend is the donut flavored eliquid. There is a lot of competition, but Dohnuts holds it own with the perfect donut dessert treat - a strawberry filled, strawberry frosted donut washed down with a cold glass of milk.

Juice Roll Upz

The Juice Roll Upz line is based out of LA. This treat is definitely not for kids, but will remind you of a treat that you used to enjoy. Juice Roll Upz Strawberry is a sweet strawberry fruit candy flavor. Check out their whole fruit flavored line and the Carnival series!

Naked Vape Juice

Love fruit flavor ejuice? Try the popular naked e juice, naked vape juice, naked juice flavors, naked 100 ejuice , Naked 100 E-Juice Lava Flow and Naked 100 Hawaiian Pog are our favorites!  

Lost Art Eliquids

Lost Art Liquid line offers a little something for everyone. One notable flavor is Unicorn Puke. Don't let the name discourage you, this delicious rainbow sherbet ice cream flavor will have you coming back for more. 

Cosmic Fog

Cosmic Fog’s chill cloud logo lets you know you are about to have a good time with their liquids. With names like Nutz (discontinued), Church, and The Shocker you get the idea that these liquids have a sense of humor. The most popular Cosmic Fog blend is Milk and Honey. Light and sweet, it has a marshmallow cream flavor accented by honey and creamy milk.

If your sweet tooth is always craving out for a dessert flavor or sugary treat, pick up one of our top 10 choices of vape juice, find out why West Coast Vape Supply becoming a favorite among online vape shoppers around the globe.

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