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Bad Drip Ejuice 60ml Pick 3 Bundle (180ml)

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Bad Drip Labs 60ML Pick 3 Bundle

With unmistakable packaging and a whole collection full of brilliant tastes, Bad Drip Labs is definitely a spotlight brand that many are relying on for premium vape juice. It offers a collection of the finest flavors, ranging from peach and pear gummy bears to milk bath soaked cereal, and a whole list of delectable tastes in between. Within this bundle, you will have a choice of many flavors to choose from, including desserts, fruits, and candy. Each pill-bottle packaged vape juice has something new and delicious to offer. Choose any three 60mL bottles with your choice in flavor. Select your preferred nicotine level, which includes 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg strengths, and your bundle will be at your location before you even know it.

Based in New York, Bad Drip Labs has become one of the industry’s most popular brands. It is famed for its unique pill bottle packaging, which users find interesting. Aside from the unmistakable packaging, Bad Drip Labs has developed a hefty collection of delicious flavor combinations, ranging from dessert flavors to the most enticing fruit flavors. By providing remarkable tastes, superb quality, and a theme of packaging that catches the eye, Bad Drip Labs has become an industry spotlight. People all over the world are enjoying the expertly crafted flavor profiles, which involve intense, and very bold tastes, and is one of the most popular vape juice brands today. 

Choose From:

  • Bad Blood - For those looking for an outstanding complex flavor creation, no need to look anymore. Bad Blood offers an exciting flavor profile that consists of sweet and tart blueberry, the remarkable taste of pomegranate, and an added bonus of sweet vanilla. You have to taste this brilliant concoction for yourself to understand just how good it is.
  • Don’t Care Bear - If you can think back to a time of your childhood as you ate piece after piece of those tasty, sticky gummy bears, you can get a hint of the taste this vape juice offers. It is a childhood favorite, involving fresh peach and pear gummy bears, which deliver a sour and tangy sugar taste, along with the candied base. It is an awesome flavor that you won’t want to be without.
  • Cereal Tip - Fans of cereal flavors can rejoice with this mouthwatering blend of flavors. It features a donut-based treat that is shaped in a way that is very familiar. Relive your childhood and explore this fruit cereal flavor that is plastered on a frosted donut and soaked in a bath of milk.
  • Farley’s Gnarly Sauce - It is a complex blend of flavors that just seem to work perfectly with one another. This tasty vape consists of strawberry candy, bubblegum flavor, and an infusion of sweet and tart kiwi. The delectable taste you receive with each puff is worth the wait.
  • Ugly Butter - Loaded with tons of savory flavor, Ugly Butter is the perfect vape flavor for those seeking a new all-day-vape. It gives a unique flavor of deep-fried donuts that are doused with sugar, then combined with a creamy banana pudding with a cinnamon glaze topping. The succulent flavor will surely become an all-time favorite.

Bad Drip Ejuice 60mL Pick 3 Bundle is the perfect vape juice bundle for anyone looking to explore the fascinating taste that Bad Drip Labs offer or for fans looking to get a good deal on their favorites. No matter your situation, you can’t go wrong with this bundle and the extraordinary experience it offers.