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Mixed Berry Salt by Air Factory 30ml

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Mixed Berry Salt by Air Factory 30ml

Air Factory Mixed Berry Salt Vape Juice Review

Air Factory Salts Mixed Berry, formerly Mystery, is sure to have your taste buds buzzing around your palate from your first inhale until your last. This fusion of mixed berries has the delightful taste of sweet berry fruits that will keep you guessing to pinpoint all of the outstanding flavors packed into this salt nicotine vape juice. 

What is Mixed Berry vape juice? Mixed Berry by Air Factory Salts is an incredible blend that features a mix of berry flavors, including strawberry, blackberry, and more. It is a delicious vape that you'll find remarkably pleasing. As you inhale Air Factory Salts Mixed Berry you will instantly start to decipher the delicious berry flavors that make up this vape juice. First, the most distinct flavor is an underlying strawberry vape juice. This flavor has been blended and perfected with other berry flavors such as blackberries, and blueberries to create a slightly tart yet out-of-this-world sweet berry vape juice flavor you won't want to put down. As you exhale, you will still be trying to guess each flavor that is added to this mix, but bottle after bottle, you'll be able to taste a new succulent flavor to drive you mad!

Air Factory is a premium vape juice brand that developed some of the most fascinating flavor profiles. You'll be able to experience everything from desserts to fruits to cool menthol blends. The brand creates the most pleasing tastes that everyone will appreciate. Air Factory is headquartered in Southern California and manufactured by Hold Fast Vapors. It uses a list of quality ingredients with an option of freebase and salt nicotine options. If you are looking for an awesome collection of flavors to experience, Air Factory is the brand to consider.

Air Factory is a well-known vape juice brand that has stuck to its outstanding vape juice flavors that everyone knows and loves. Through name changes and bottle size changes, they have maintained their same great flavors. Air Factory E-Liquid not only has a salt nicotine line but also a sub-ohm vape juice line so no matter how you choose to vape, you can enjoy the world-renounced flavors that they have created. 

Flavor Profile: Mixed Berry

Bottle Size: 30ml

VG/PG: 70/30