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Blue Razz Salt by Air Factory 30ml

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Blue Razz Salt by Air Factory 30ml

Air Factory Blue Razz Salt Review

Blue Razz by Air Factory Salts delivers quite the flavor experience by perfecting a delicious blue raspberry flavor. While this isn't the most complex blend you've seen from Air Factory Eliquids, it is certainly one of the most pleasing, as it features the perfect ratio of flavor and ingredients to create one stunning vape.

What is Air Factory Salts Blue Razz vape juice? Blue Razz by Air Factory Salts is an outstanding vape juice blend that uses a single blue raspberry flavor to create the most stunning taste. This tarty candy-like blue raspberry flavor is incredibly delicious, offering just the right notes that attach to your taste buds and continue to linger so that you'll return for more of the spectacular taste. With a perfect addition of flavor and a solid ratio of ingredients using a high-quality salt nicotine formula, it doesn't get any better than this. Blue Razz by Air Factory Salts comes in a 30mL bottle and is available in 18mg and 36mg salt nicotine strengths.

Air Factory Salts is a collection that rests beneath the Air Factory Eliquids brand. It is a salt nicotine formula that has been perfected, using all of the same great flavors that originate from the large 60mL freebase nicotine flavors. The popular brand is headquartered in Southern California and has quickly become one of the largest and most popular vape juice brands on the market. With several award-winning flavors under its belt and a hefty selection of flavors that range from a simple mango blend to a flavorless option, and everything else in between, there is no wonder why everyone keeps turning to Air Factory for its tasty collection of premium vape juice. Air Factory Salts is proudly manufactured by Hold Fast Vapors, one of the industry's most recognized manufacturing companies.

Providing you with the perfected taste of blue raspberry, this remarkable blend will surely become the next favorite you add to your collection of all-day vapes. Blue Razz by Air Factory Salts is a stellar vape juice and we're thrilled that you get to experience all of its tasty notes with each puff that you take.

Flavor Profile: Blue Raspberry

Bottle Size: 30ml

VG/PG: 50/50