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Tobacco by Air Factory 60ml

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Tobacco by Air Factory 60ml

Tobacco by Air Factory Review

Tobacco by Air Factory is one of those flavor profiles for those that just want the authentic rush of smoking top-shelf items. This tobacco flavored vape juice will have your taste buds in an instant frenzy. It is a perfect tobacco flavor, giving you a full-bodied blend.

Tobacco by Air Factory is one of those flavors that will continue to keep you coming back for more after every drag time and time again.  When choosing a natural E-Juice such as this one, you'll be able to taste such rich and powerful tobacco that'll be sure to leave you sitting back and relaxing. Air Factory E Liquids creates a wide variety of vape juices; ranging from sweet candy to delightful desserts, and even delightful tobacco flavors. On the inhale you're sure to be reminded of a nice Saturday night in your study with your favorite drink, in a nice chair, next to an open fireplace puffing away on a rich tobacco flavor. With such a smooth and filling flavor of tobacco at your beck and call, there's not much more fitting for such a befitting mood. As you exhale, the taste of the tobacco will roll off of your taste buds and leave you wanting more and more.

Air Factory is a premium vape brand that specializes in creating the most extraordinary flavors. The brand consists of the most pleasing mixtures of fruit, dessert, and menthol flavors. Air Factory is stationed in Southern California and it's manufactured by Hold Fast Vapors, one of the largest and most recognized vape manufacturing companies in the world. Air Factory has collections spread throughout the market, utilizing quality ingredients, and can be enjoyed in freebase or salt nicotine options.

Air Factory Tobacco 60ml is a vape juice that you will be talking about for a time to come. This robust tobacco flavor will have your taste buds sighing from your first inhale to your last. This is a vape blend that you will love from beginning to end, leaving you wanting more and more as you experience the taste.

Flavor Profile: Tobacco

Bottle Size: 60ml 

VG/PG: 70/30