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Bold Tobacco Salt by Air Factory 30ml

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Bold Tobacco Salt by Air Factory 30ml

Air Factory Bold Tobacco Salt Review

Dishing out loads of tobacco flavor in every puff, Air Factory Salts Bold Tobacco delivers just enough of the taste to put you in a satisfying zen moment where you feel the world is finally at peace. While the full-flavored, full-bodied tobacco may not stop all hell from breaking loose in the world, when you vape this Bold Tobacco, it certainly feels like it.

Bold Tobacco by Air Factory Salts is a flavor like no other. It delivers a remarkable tobacco blend that will have even tobacco connoisseurs appreciating every blissful moment. Bold Tobacco is full-flavored, full-bodied tobacco that you will fall in love with. It delivers the taste of classic Virginia tobacco you may recall, which was sweet to the taste and gave a smooth and mellow feeling with each draw. When inhaling this Bold Tobacco by Air Factory Salts, you will experience a deep tobacco flavor from beginning to end. After exhaling, a faint aftertaste remains for some time so that you will continue to remember the extraordinary flavor.

Air Factory Salts is manufactured by Hold Fast Vapor, which fills 30ml bottles with tasty Air Factory Salts flavors with a 50/50 blend, and an option of 18mg and 36mg salt nicotine strengths. The brand is based in Southern California and has become a local hero to natives while being viewed as the people’s champ when it comes to premium vape juice. To this day, the SoCal brand continues to lead the industry with a wide selection of the market's best quality ejuice.

Sourcing across the tongue is bold, full-bodied tastes of a class Virginia tobacco, giving way to the sweet and smooth taste fans of tobacco flavors will remember. If you enjoy bold tobacco but prefer the smooth taste of nicotine salt, you will love Air Factory Salts Bold Tobacco.

Flavor Profile: Tobacco

Bottle Size: 30ml

VG/PG: 50/50