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Menthol by Air Factory 60ml

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Menthol by Air Factory 60ml

Air Factory Menthol Vape Juice Review

If you're looking for the perfect strictly menthol flavor, Air Factory has got your back. This vape juice takes the amazingly refreshing taste of menthol e-liquid and bottles it so you can puff on it all day long. This dazzling blend will refreshen your tastes and leave you with cool and enjoyable clouds.

What is Air Factory Menthol vape juice? Menthol by Air Factory is an impressive flavor creation that is all about the taste of cool menthol, giving you an ice-cold flavor that is impressively refreshing. As you inhale Menthol by Air Factory, the taste of cooling menthol will dance across your taste buds awakening all of them instantly. This vape juice is sure to leave your taste buds begging for more. As you exhale, your taste buds will feel rejuvenated and scream for another taste of this simple yet mouth-watering vape juice. Air Factory E-Liquid has truly outdone itself with this delicious vape juice.

Air Factory is a vape juice brand based out of California. This vape juice brand makes all of their vape juices with their customers in mind, keeping them on their toes with each new amazing flavor they release. Air Factory makes all of its vape juices with the highest ingredients to provide its loyal customers with the perfect vaping experience. The brand is manufactured by Hold Fast Vapors, a large manufacturing company that is known for developing some of the most amazing tastes.

Air Factory Menthol will have your taste buds tingling with every inhale and exhale you take. This vape juice is certainly something to write home about, as it bombards your airways with a cool rush of ice-cold menthol. It provides a crisp, pure, and refreshing flavor.

Flavor Profile: Menthol

Bottle Size: 60ml

VG/PG: 70/30