WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Air Factory Ejuice

Air Factory has earned their spot as one of the most popular e-juice brands. Out of Southern California they have created one of the most hot selling e-liquids on the current market. Air Factory now has 4 E-juice lines that are taking the industry by storm. They have distinguished themselves by presenting unique flavor combinations while remaining to use high quality ingredients to provide authentic flavors. While originally their flavors have been candy taffy based, they have now recently ventured out into not only menthol flavors but also dessert e-liquids, as well as creating a salt nicotine line.

Air Factory is bottled in a 100ml Chubby Gorilla Bottle and is available in 3 nicotine options, 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. Their PG/VG ratio is the common 70/30 because of how it provides an intense flavor while still giving that thick vapor cloud production. 

Air Factory E-juice Review

Blue Razz

Blue raspberry taffy is an intoxicating treat, your taste buds that scream in pleasure with each bite will now thank you for indulging in Blue Razz by Air Factory. This authentic sticky taffy flavor will have you sweet tooth finally satisfied all day long. This blend of sour and sweet is sure to please from the first hit to the last. On the inhale a smooth rush of that sticky taffy mixed with slightly tangy blue raspberries will make your mouth start to water. On the exhale the sour notes increase to provide that authentic tart blue raspberry flavor you've been seeking.

Berry Rush

Berry Rush by Air Factory is the nostalgic taffy candied vape juice, blending sweet ripe strawberries and handpicked blueberries with a authentic taffy candy flavor base. Berry Rush is a great sweet and tart flavor candy fix and is sure to please your sweet tooth.

Melon Lush

Air Factory is known for their authentic taffy flavors, and now it was time to obtain that savory watermelon taffy e-juice with Melon Lush. This savory blend is an genuine recreation of that sweet and sticky watermelon taffy. Air Factory's candy taffy base is from your sweet tooth's dreams and is sure to delight with each puff. Trust me, your sweet tooth will be thanking you later for indulging in Melon Lush by Air Factory. 

Strawberry Kiwi

Strawberry Kiwi Ejuice is for everyone who craves the combination of strawberries and kiwis when summertime comes around. This slightly tropical and slightly sugary mixture of flavors hits the spot. Every inhale of Strawberry Kiwi eliquid teases the taste buds with sweetness, tartness, and complex tangy notes. The exhale is a blend of authentic strawberry and kiwi delight.

Wild Apple

Wild Apple by Air Factory is a savory candy blend with an authentic green apple favor that is sure to please. From the first puff to the last that intense candy apple flavor will keep you on your toes. These crisp apples truly taste like they were just freshly picked off a orchard. 


Mystery vape juice flavor keeps vape enthusiasts guessing by combining a deeply complex and layered combination of sweet candy, tart berries and juicy fruit flavors that swirl around the tongue, hitting every spot on the taste buds with something different. On the inhale, sugar taffy delivers a serious punch of flavor. As you exhale, a cocktail of sweet fruits and slightly sour berries blend together for something truly special.

Treat Factory E-Juice Review

Custard Craze

Custard Craze is rich, creamy and super flavorful, instantly inducing your childhood nostalgia. On the inhale of Air Factory Custard Craze the intense flavor of silky smooth vanilla bean makes your mouth-water, your custard cravings will be satisfied on the first puff.

Jaw Dropper

Jaw Dropper by Air Factory is an authentic recreation of your favorite watermelon hard candies. This savory treat is truly refreshing with each puff. Nothing is quite better than a crisp juicy watermelon on a warm day, making this e-juice perfect for summer. Not only is this vape juice refreshing and satisfying, but it will also defeat those candy cravings of yours. 

Kookie Krunch

Buttery and warm is exactly how a cookie should be, thanks to Air Factory we now have that recreated into a delectable and savory e-liquid. Any dessert lover will lose their mind over this guilt free treat that is perfect for an all-day-vape flavor. 

Lemon Glaze

Lemon Glaze by Air Factory is a truly savory lemon glazed pastry. We all know that the best sweet desserts are topped with a tart lemon glaze, it provides a truly rich flavor without that overwhelming taste. Now is the time to indulge in this sweet-sweet treat all day long with Lemon Glaze. The best part about this e-juice is being able to achieve that authentic taste you've been craving all day long with out any added guilt. 

Frost Factory E-juice Review

Crisp Apple

Biting straight into a frozen apple would probably hurt your teeth and would probably not be edible. Thanks to Crisp Apple by Air Factory we can now indulge in a cooling authentic red apple though! This authentic juicy apple flavor has been fused with an icy menthol flavor.

Iced Chee

Fruit salads are one of the best summer time treats, it is refreshing and satisfying down to the last bite. Iced Chee is just like this summer treat, refreshing and satisfying down to the last drop. Iced Chee by Air Factory fuses mixed fruits with a cooling lychee, not part of your typical fruit salad but it definitely should be! 

Tropic Freeze

Tropic Freeze by Air Factory is a delightful blend of succulent strawberries and juicy kiwis, with an added twist. This e-juice has menthol fanatic going crazy, an added menthol flavor on the exhale provides the ultimate ending to this savory blend.

If you are searching for authentic tastes and tongue-tickling flavor combinations that uses high-quality ingredients, give Air Factory ejuice a try.