Air Factory Salts Pink Punch Ice

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Pink Punch Ice Salts by Air Factory 30ml

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Pink Punch Ice Salts by Air Factory 30ml

Air Factory Salts Pink Punch Ice Review

Air Factory Salts Pink Punch Ice is a fascinating flavor that will surely keep you on your toes with its thrilling taste. It infuses tobacco-free salt nicotine with a range of delicious flavors, creating one of the most exceptional flavor experiences you'll ever encounter. Ready your palate for a magnificent flavor you cannot deny.

What do Air Factory Salts Pink Punch Ice taste like? Pink Punch Ice by Air Factory Salts gives you a magnificent vape using a range of flavors. It takes like a tall glass of pink lemonade punch that has been chilled with layers of cool ice. This exceptional vape juice blend combines a tart pink lemonade with the juiciest of raspberries and a delicious layer of zesty lemons. To finish it off and provide that cool experience, a cool and refreshing menthol is added into the mix, creating yet another deliciously refreshing vape that will go down as one of your favorites.

Air Factory Salts is a lineup of salt nicotine vape juice that exists within the large umbrella of the original Air Factory collection. It is a premium vape juice brand that originates from Southern California and has become one of the world's most recognized brands. It continues to become everyone's go-to selection of vapes, and it's all thanks to Hold Fast Vapors, the manufacturer of Air Factory, and all of its exceptional mixtures of vape juice. Hold Fast Vapors is one of the industry's largest vape manufacturers, creating and developing some of the most fascinating flavors that turn into award-winning tastes.

Whether you're looking to switch things up with this delicious and refreshing Pink Punch Ice vape juice flavor or it has already become one of your all-time favorites, this remarkable flavor concoction is one of the best that you can get. It offers tasty flavors that are sure to satisfy you and your tastes.

Flavor Profile: Pink Lemonade, Raspberry, Lemon, Menthol

Bottle Size: 30ml

VG/PG: 50/50