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Creamy Crunch Salt by Air Factory 30ml

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Creamy Crunch Salt by Air Factory 30ml

Air Factory Creamy Crunch Salt Review

Perceived as an industry giant, Air Factory has dominated the market with its premium salt nicotine vape juice line for years. It continues to amaze us with not only the flavor creations but its the professionalism and quality that spews from the brand. With its brand overhaul, its expert mixologists have been hard at work to create even more vape juice flavors to add to the already-extensive arsenal, and this time it is a creamy, crunchy flavor that won’t let you down.

Creamy Crunch by Air Factory Salts gives way to a masterful blend we’re sure your tastes will appreciate. It is an expertly crafted blend that combines golden-brown sugar and a creamy glaze that coats a freshly baked, warm pastry. The flavor profile is completed with just a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg. Once inhaled, your tastes are set back into a culinary trance that sends subtle notes of pastry, cream, and brown sugar in waves. The exhale is just as pleasing, offering the same fascinating tastes but with the cinnamon and nutmeg making its impression on your taste buds. While the flavor experience seems as if it is in slow motion, this wonderful creamy crunchy experience happens in a split second.

Air Factory Salts is a jaw-dropping brand that delivers a wonderful collection of the industry’s finest premium vape juice. It has led the industry by developing an assortment of gourmet flavors, ranging from bone-chilling menthols to delectable treats, and everything in between. Manufactured by Hold Fast Vapor, the Southern California vape juice brand continues to create outstanding vape experiences with unique flavor profiles that easily become all-day vapes. Air Factory Salts come in 30ml bottles and are available in 18mg and 36mg salt nicotine strengths.

Loaded with tons of delicious flavors, Air Factory Salts Creamy Crunch is the flavor you’ve been missing out on. It hosts a range of incredible tastes all combined into one, creating a flavor experience that definitely worth talking about. From the warm pastry to the subtle cinnamon notes, you will enjoy every bit of this delectable vape treat.

Flavor Profile: Cream, Cinnamon, Nutmeg 

Bottle Size: 30ml

VG/PG: 50/50