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Don't Care Bear Iced Out by Bad Drip 60ml

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Don't Care Bear Iced Out by Bad Drip 60ml

Bad Drip Don't Care Bear Iced Out Vape Juice Review

Your favorite e-juice just got Iced Out, that's right Don't Care Bear has been fused with an icy menthol base for all you seeking a chilling exhale. This gummy candy blend will have your taste buds screaming out in pleasure with each fruity hit. This savory blend of juicy peaches and ripe pears provide a truly authentic taste with each puff. This flavor is a true recreation of your favorite flavor-packed gummy road trip snacks.

This flavor can only be found from the top-selling brand Bad Drip Labs. Bad Drip offers flavors in 60ml glass bottles and 120ml plastic bottles. Their succulent flavors have earned them a deserving spot as one of the most popular brands out on the current market. Their different packaging is truly eye-catching, but what really makes this brand stand out is their flavor-packed experiences that their vape juices offer. Don't mind the name because when you drip this e-juice you'll realize that is it not a Bad Drip.

On the inhale of Bad Drip Don't Care Bear Iced Out is a rush of that chewy candy peach ring flavor will arouse your taste buds as it smothers your tongue with each puff. This juicy flavor provides an astonishing genuine taste that you will just have to taste to believe. This intense peach vape juice flavor is complemented as ripe peaches frolic across your taste buds. This fruity fusion will keep you feeling satisfied all day long. On the exhale is where things take a twist, in a good way! A sweet candy base that will delight your sweet tooth has been fused with a cooling menthol vape juice base. This will provide a refreshing ending with each exhale.

Don't Care Bear Iced Out by Bad Drip 60ml is a one of a kind flavor that other brands just haven't been able to achieve. This intoxicating blend makes a perfected all-day-vape flavor. If you love those gummy candies with juicy fruity flavors but seek that icy base, Don't Care Bear Iced Out was made just for you! 

Flavor Profile: Gummy, Candy, Peach, Pear, Menthol 

Bottle Size: 60ml

VG/PG: 70/30