Candy King Peachy Rings 100ml

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Peachy Rings by Candy King 100ml

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Peachy Rings by Candy King 100ml

Candy King Peachy Rings Vape Juice Review

Rip open a bag of sweet and sour candy rings whenever you take a hit of Peachy Rings by Candy King 100ml. Candy King has established a reputation for manufacturing premium candy flavors that will accurately remind you of your childhood, so rest assured that Candy King Peachy Rings is crafted with excellence.

Peachy Rings is your favorite gummy peach ring, and this vape juice will give your taste buds a fun experience while satisfying all your sweet tooth cravings. Peachy Rings is perfect for any candy vape enthusiast.

On inhale of Candy King Peachy Rings vape juice, a delicious wave of sour peach gummy candy will rush through your palate. Your tongue will tingle, and your taste buds will jump with joy with every hit. Flashbacks of your childhood will run through your mind as you remember all those times you stayed up late with your friends indulging in candies and playing video games, however, this time there is no need to worry about the dentist! Upon exhale is where the sweet and timeless gummy candy notes will emerge and wash away all your worries giving a perfectly balanced and well-rounded vaping experience.

Peachy Rings by Candy King ejuice arrives in 100ml Chubby Gorilla Bottles and will be available in nicotine levels 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.

Candy King Peachy Rings vape juice is the perfect candidate to become any candy lover's all-day vape. 

Flavor Profile: Peach, Gummy Candy

Bottle Size: 100ml

VG/PG: 70/30

May Contain Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN)