Time Bomb Pixy 120ml

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Pixy by Time Bomb Vapors 120ml

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Time Bomb Pixy Vape Juice 120ml

Time Bomb Pixy Vape Juice Review

Bring yourself back to your childhood of being hopped up on sugar bouncing off the walls with Pixyl by Time Bomb Vapors. This delicious candied grape candy vape juice is something you won't want to put down, just like as a child you didn't want to put down your Pixie stick.

As you inhale Time Bomb Pixy, the taste of the grape flavored sugar vape juice rolls across your taste buds like no other. The grape flavor has been recreated so accurately all that is missing is the way the sugar clumps together on your tongue. As you exhale, the grape candy taste rolls off your tongue in such a delicate way; you'll be jonesing for your next puff. Indulge in your sweet tooth with no remorse and no need to hide it with Pixy by Time Bomb Vapors.

Time Bomb Vapors is a branch off of the brand Buckshot Vapors Inc. This brand became a brand in 2013 when a skater and a punk gal decided that the vape juice in the community was leaving them unsatisfied, so they made their own. The flavors they create will crowd surf across your taste buds and heelflip into the sunset. These vape juices are the most intense flavors you can find on the market and will quickly become your favorite in a rotation.

Pixy 120ml by Time Bomb Vapors is a vape juice that will cure all of your cravings. The intoxicating flavor of Pixy's candied grape flavor is something straight out of your dreams, and faster than lightning you'll become addicted to these intoxicating flavors.

Flavor Profile: Grape Sugar Candy

Bottle Size: 120ml

VG/PG: 70/30