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Phillip Rocke Formula CN6 (Formerly ANML Carnage) - 60ml

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Phillip Rocke Formula CN6 (Formerly ANML Carnage) - 60ml

Phillip Rocke Formula CN6 (Formerly ANML Carnage) Review

Phillip Rocke Formula CN6 (Formerly ANML Carnage) is a strawberry licorice candy vape juice flavor that will drive your taste buds insane. This perfectly sweet vape juice will be just what your sweet tooth has been craving. A fan favorite by ANML has been rebranded under Phillip Rocke with the same great flavor that their loyal customers know and love. 

As you inhale Phillip Rocke Formula CN6 (Formerly ANML Carnage), the sweet strawberry vape juice flavor will dance across your taste buds created a flavor that you won't want to forget. This candy e liquidwill surely have your taste buds begging for more with every inhale and exhale you take. As you exhale, the strawberry licorice flavor will wash off of your taste buds leaving them feeling satisfied until your next puff! 

Phillip Rocke has rebranded some of your favorite ANML E Liquid's under the Phillip Rocke name. These rebranded vape juices have the same outstanding flavors that you have come to know and love, they just have different names. All of their out-of-the-world vape juices will certainly have you puffing along for some time. Once you try one vape juice flavor, you'll have to try all of the Philip Rocke E Liquids

Phillip Rocke Formula CN6 (Formerly ANML Carnage) - 60ml will have your taste buds feeling as if you've curled up to watch your favorite movie with your first choice of movie candy; strawberry licorice! This strawberry candy vape juice flavor will certainly drive your taste buds up a wall with every puff. 

Flavor Profile: Strawberry, Licorice, Candy 

Bottle Size: 60ml 

VG/PG: 80/20

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