Just Blues Vape Juice by Alt Zero 100ml

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Just Blues Vape Juice by Alt Zero 100ml

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Just Blues Vape Juice by Alt Zero 100ml

Alt Zero Just Blues Vape Juice Review

Alt Zero Just Blues is the flavor of lip-smacking blueberry gummies. This is the perfect flavor to remedy all of your sweet tooth cravings without worrying about constant trips to the dentist. Consisting of delicious blueberry gummy candies, this vape juice will surely ooze a mouthwatering flavor and give your taste buds nothing but pure pleasure. 

What is Alt Zero Just Blues? Just Blues by Alt Zero is a delicious vape juice that delivers flavors you won't be able to forget. From the first puff, you will first notice the gentle swarm of sugar-coated blueberries. Slightly tangy but mostly sweet, the flavor of freshly picked blueberries will hit all the right spots. This flavor is perfect for any vape enthusiast that enjoys a yummy candy flavor that can be vaped all day long. Quickly following on to exhale will be an unforgettable rush of tasty gummy candy. It will wrap around your taste buds and satisfy the strongest of sweet tooth cravings. Just Blues by Alt Zero will arrive in a large 100ml bottle and will be available in the nicotine strengths 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.

Alt Zero is a premium vape juice brand that has developed a long range of products and has become one of the industry's largest names. It has created a very diverse collection using fruits, desserts, candy, and menthol blends, all designed to impress you with flavor. The collection uses some of the finest ingredients as well, which is why each puff is one that feels good and tastes good. Alt Zero is headquartered in California and to this day is one of the best choices for vaping juice.

If you are looking for a great-tasting candy-flavored vape juice that provides a well-rounded vaping experience look no further than Just Blues by Alt Zero E-Liquid. It provides the addicting flavor of blueberry gummies, gifting you a flavor you know you'll never get tired of.

Flavor Profile: Blueberry Gummies 

Bottle Size: 100ml

VG/PG: 70/30