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Magic Man by One Hit Wonder Eliquid 100ml

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Magic Man Salt Nicotine by One Hit Wonder 100ml

One Hit Wonder Magic Man Vape Juice Review

One Hit Wonder, unlike its name suggests, has many vape juices that are just waiting for you to try them so they can rock your world. One Hit Wonder Magic Man Salt Nicotine is salt nicotine that you can use in your sub-ohm devices. 

One Hit Wonder Magic Man Nicotine Salts 100ml brings you the delightful flavor combination of fruity with sweet watermelon gummy. On the inhale of One Hit Wonder Magic Man, sugar-coated fruity hard candy vape juice was over your taste buds giving you access to an entire candy shop. As you exhale, a smooth watermelon gummy base combines with the fruity candy taste to create a sweet treat that you won't ever be able to forget. Magic Man provides the sweetness you crave without any worry about counting calories.

One Hit Wonder brings you the instant satisfaction of salt based nicotine in a vape juice that you can use on your choice of sub-ohm device, whether it be your favorite tank or your favorite dripper. These vape juices are anything but a one-hit wonder because every single one of them will have your mouth watering like no other. One Hit Wonder makes all of their vape juices with TruNic that still comes in the standard 0mg, 3mg, 6mg nicotine levels. 

One Hit Wonder Magic Man Nicotine Salts delivers the sugary treats you desire within the deepest parts of your soul with no added guilt whatsoever. Indulge on this jaw-dropping sweet treat because you'll never find another vape juice like this.

Flavor Profile: Fruit, Candy Gummies

Bottle Size: 100ml

100% Made in The USA