NO. 71 by Beard Salt 30ml by Beard Vape Co

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NO. 71 by Beard Salt 30ml

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NO. 71 by Beard Salt 30ml

Beard No 71 Salt Review

Nicotine Salts are very popular in refillable pod systems or similar to the Phix, Smok Infinix, or Suorin Drop due to their high amount of nicotine, the Nicotine Salts are very smooth despite their high nicotine level which makes them very satisfying for such a small device. Since you're absorbing more nicotine with each hit you take, then you have to vape less to feel satisfied, every hit is smooth no matter what the nicotine level is and your juice will last longer!

NO. 71 by Beard Salt 30ml is a part of the new nicotine salt line from the iconic Beard Vape juice company. They have recreated the top sellers of their original ejuice line to nicotine salt form! NO. 71 is a sweet and sour peach gummy ring that will surely satisfy your sweet tooth. On inhale be prepared to experience tangy peach rings coated in sugar, followed by an exhale of smooth gummy candies. NO. 71 by Beard Salt 30ml will come nicely packaged in a 30ml Chubby Gorilla bottle and available in the nicotine levels 30mg or 50mg.

Beard Vape Co is a large vape juice brand that has created some of the industry's most iconic flavors. From bakery-style treats to breakfast and desserts, there are plenty of delicious blends for everyone to explore. Beard Vape was founded in 2014, and it began manufacturing extraordinary vapes in Venice, California. Today, it is one of the largest names in vaping and continues to become everyone's favorite brand.

Created to deliver the perfect taste, you will find that this flavor has all there is to offer in a premium vape juice. If you enjoy delicious, juicy peaches and loads of candy flavor, you may just find your next all-day vape with NO. 71 by Beard Salt.

Flavor Profile: Peach, Candy

Bottle Size: 30ml

100% Made in The USA