Frozen Fruit Monster Banana Ice Salt

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Banana Ice Salt by Frozen Fruit Monster 30ml

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Banana Ice Salt by Frozen Fruit Monster 30ml

Frozen Fruit Monster Banana Ice Salt Review

Using a specific mixture of flavors, Jam Monster has been able to create a salt nicotine vape juice that delivers a banana popsicle-like vape that has fallen into their Frozen Fruit Monster collection. It's a stunning flavor that is perfect for those who enjoy a banana or menthol-flavored vape juice.

What is Banana Ice Salt vape juice? Banana Ice Salt by Frozen Fruit Monster is a remarkably crafted vape juice blend that uses an ideal mixture of flavors to create an all-day-vape juice. It brings together the most delicious banana flavor and combines it with a bone-chilling menthol to create a popsicle-like vape that we're sure you'll fall in love with. From its banana candy flavor to the cool menthol that bombards your tastes, this is definitely one you won't want to miss out on.

The Frozen Fruit Monster collection is created and developed by one of the industry's most recognized names, Jam Monster Salt. It is the same team of creators behind many of the collections you've come to know and love, such as Fruit Monster, Custard Monster, and many more. With an extensive history in the vapor products industry, Jam Monster is considered one of the best at producing premium vape juice for all to enjoy.

If you are one that enjoys the magnificent taste of bananas or craves the cooling sensation that menthol flavors offer, this Banana Ice Salt by Frozen Fruit Monster is surely the next addition to your rotation of vape juice. It provides an amazing flavor experience that will leave your mouth watering.

Flavor Profile: Banana, Candy, Menthol

Bottle Size: 30ml 

VG/PG: 50/50