Don't Care Bear by Bad Drip 120ml

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Don't Care Bear by Bad Drip 120ml

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Don't Care Bear by Bad Drip 120ml

Bad Drip Don't Care Bear Vape Juice Review

Don't Care Bear 120ml e-juice by Bad Drip Labs is a bag full of Peach and Pear gummy bears covered with tangy sour sugar. Juicy, sweet peach flavor coupled with the tarty slices of pear, all topped by super sour sprinkles. You'll almost want to start snacking on this e-juice it tastes so good!

On the inhale the fruity peaches and pears flood your mouth with flavor like never before. The pear and peach fusion will explode across your taste buds as you've never experienced. On the exhale the sweet and tangy flavor takes hold balancing out the taste. Creating a sour candy vape juice has seemed to be difficult within the community; some are too sweet, some are too sour but not this vape juice. Don't Care Bear is a perfect balance and you'll be vaping it all day long. 

Bad Drip Labs is based out of New York and true to how beautiful things from New York are, the bottles your vape juice arrive are decorated in psychedelic artwork that is breathtaking.  With any of the Bad Drip Labs vape juice, the aroma will have your mouth salivating in need. No other vape juice company has come up with the complex flavor fusions that Bad Drip Labs has and they're heading for the top of the vaping community. 

The sinful blend of Bad Drip Lab's Don't Care Bear will put a smile on your face with every puff. With every puff, you take you'll be craving another with this sour candy vape juice. Try Bad Drip Don't Care Bear 120ml today!

Flavor Profile: Sour Gummy Bear, Peach, Pear, Candy

VG/PG: 75/25

Bottle Size: 120ml (2x60ml bottles)