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Apple by Jam Monster Salt 30ml

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Apple by Jam Monster Salt 30ml

Jam Monster Apple Salt Vape Juice Review

Jam Monster Salts has created a new way to explore the fascinating line-up of Jam Monster vape juice, while still enjoying the comfort of your vape pod. It uses nicotine salt instead of traditional freebase nicotine, yet still maintains many of its most popular flavors you’ve become familiar with throughout the years. Apple by Jam Monster Salts is an extraordinary flavor, boasting loads of delicious taste, along with smooth and satisfying salt nicotine.

Jam Monster Salts Apple is an extraordinary flavor that many have become familiar with. It is a classic apple flavor vape juice that has gained immense popularity in the Jam Monster collection, and now it’s available in a salt nicotine form, specially created for your vape pod system. The flavor originates from the Jam series and boasts the taste of a toasted bread that features a spread of rich butter and that classic apple jam flavor you’ve come to know and love like a morning classic. If your mouth waters for the amazing taste of crisp and delicious apples, we urge you to dip your tastes into this perfectly crafted Apple by Jam Monster Salts.

Jam Monster Salts is a collection within the industry famed brand, Jam Monster. It is known for creating some of the industry’s most loved vape juice flavors with a play on the classic taste of jam. Jam Monster is a premium vape juice brand that is manufactured by one of the most reputable vape juice manufacturers from Orlando, Florida, Fresh Juice Co. Jam Monster quickly gained its claim to fame by creating and developing a massive selection of remarkably crafted blends, all boasting unique and delicious tastes that offer amazing complexity.

If you are looking for a fantastic vape juice flavor that will simply make your mouth water with the excitement of taste, Apple by Jam Monster Salts is definitely one that you should consider. It is an amazing blend that provides the crisp taste of apple in the best way possible, using smooth and satisfactory nicotine salt.

Flavor Profile: Apple, Butter, Toast

Bottle Size: 30ml