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Melon Colada by Ice Monster 100ml

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Melon Colada by Ice Monster 100ml

Jam Monster Melon Colada Review

Melon Colada by Ice Monster 100ml vape juice is a awesome new flavor by Jam Monster e liquid. It has a extremely nice tropical flavor with a mix of melon. This e liquid is refreshing with its crisp melon and menthol infusions. These succulent flavors will transport you to your favorite island and the pineapple coconut melon flavors were all in one fruit. 

On the inhale, tangy pineapple flavor indulges your tongue while the refreshing melon flavor soaks the taste buds, balancing this flavor packed juice magically. The creamy coconut flavor really gives this e-juice a true experience. On the exhale, a cooling refreshing menthol flavor on the exhale to tie it all together.

Ice Monster has shaken the vape community to its core with these fruity flavors with a menthol twist. Fruit lovers and menthol lovers around the world are coming together for these vape juices. Even those who aren't huge fans of menthol are up in arms for these vape juices because of how the menthol complements the fruity flavors so well.  

Melon Colada vape juice by Ice Monster come in a 100ml chubby gorilla bottle.
If you crave fruity flavors with refreshing menthol, Melon Colada ejuice is for you.

VG/PG: 70/30

Bottle Size: 100ml

Flavor Profile: Colada, Tropical, Pineapple, Fruit, Menthol

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